This scalable SMARC 2.1 System on Module (SoM) with artificial intelligence (AI) solution is based on the powerful Renesas RZ/G2 microprocessor family and a full power and timing tree. It demonstrates a turn-key architecture for AI-enabled human machine interface (HMI) applications, such as smart industrial control terminals.

System Benefits​:

  • Linux operating system
  • 3D graphic acceleration engine
  • H.264 codecs (G2L and V2L)
  • DRP-AI for image AI application (V2L only)
  • Multiple core configurations for scalability
  • Single programmable clock generator on board
  • Extensive communications interface support
  • Robust power supply with hot plug/swap support

Target Applications:

  • Human machine interface (HMI)
  • Embedded vision applications
  • 3D animation displays
  • 4K video playback
  • Multimedia
  • AI IoT
HMI SoM with AI Accelerator
Legend for Renesas/Dialog System Diagrams


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