This solution provides a very high-efficiency power supply required by most industrial and telecom equipment. The totem pole PFC eliminates the typical diode bridge used to rectify the AC input, a source of energy loss. Interleaving provides additional efficiency and, finally, a low-ripple DC output. In addition, by combining this with an LLC resonant DC/DC, AC/DC power supply flexibility various applications can be realized.

System Benefits:

  • AC/DC power supply with a totem pole interleaved PFC provides high efficiency and low ripple.
  • High-efficiency LLC resonant DC/DC can support a wide range of output voltages.
  • High-performance MCU with dedicated peripherals for power control and protection to realize high-end algorithms.
  • Complete solution which includes the drivers and couplers



  • Power supply for communication, industrial or data center equipment
Winning Combinations

Winning Combinations

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