This solution forms a complete environment for the development of AD/ADAS applications equivalent to automated driving Level 2-3, including adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane keeping, parking support systems, and more. The R-Car V4H reference board supports multi-camera inputs including high resolution 4K, 4K display output, audio output, network communications interfaces, and PCIe Gen4 for parallel operation of multiple ECUs.

Furthermore, Renesas provides a dedicated power solution for R-Car V4H with functional safety support, based around the RAA271041 pre-regulator and the RAA271005 PMIC. This solution helps to minimize the effort of hardware and software development while reducing design complexity, cost and time to market.

System Benefits​:

  • Shorten the time to market by using the reference board that enables immediate platform development
  • Provides an easy-to-start system development environment using the R-Car V4H starter kit, R-Car compatible power management ICs, LPDDR5-6400 memory, Flash memory, display output, and Ethernet 1000BASE-T in a compact, separate core system
  • Delivers 34 TOPS from R-Car V4H for deep learning, enabling high-speed object recognition through camera, radar and lidar sensor data fusion
  • Provides 4 RGMII for Ethernet channels, 2 CSI2 channels, 2 DSI channels, 2 PCIe Gen4 channels, and 8 CAN channels
  • Supports remote power control via CAN and Ethernet, enabling system evaluation in a remote environment
  • Realizes functional safety compliant power management with R-Car PMICs, including RAA271005 and RAA271041
  • Reduces BOM cost and mounting size by replacing multiple crystal oscillators with a programmable clock generator
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