Bluetooth® low energy

Bluetooth® Low Energy Wireless Solution to Accelerate Realization of IoT of Embedded Devices

RL78/G1D Solutions

Smart connection with the lowest level of power consumption in the industry

Bluetooth® Low Energy solutions for healthcare and fitness devices, home electric appliances and RFID tags, typified by beacons to connect them with smartphones at low power consumption without wires, have been rapidly increasing.

Renesas Electronics offers the "RL78/G1D Solutions" as a Bluetooth LE solution that smart connects with the lowest level of power consumption in the industry. In addition to the standard BLE Protocol Stack, Renesas Electronics offers a Beacon Stack designed for beacon products with even lower power consumption.

"RL78/G1D Solutions" can select the IC or Module.

RX23W Solutions

Supports the full functionality of Bluetooth® 5, realizing system control and wireless communication on a single chip

Renesas Electronics offers the "RX23W Solutions" that Incorporating the Bluetooth® 5.0 LE and security functions essential for the IoT devices, abundant peripheral functions such as touch keys, USB, CAN, etc., and realizes device system control and wireless communication on a single chip.

The RX23W supports full features such as the Long Range and Mesh Network of Bluetooth 5.0 LE. By supporting "Channel Selection Algorithm #2", it is more resistant to interference from other 2.4GHz RF signals and realizes stable communication even in environments with radio interference.

RA4W1 Solutions

Single chip Bluetooth® 5.0 Low Energy application controller using popular ARM Cortex M4 core with dedicated Secure Crypto Engine

Renesas Electronics offers the "RA4W1 Solutions" that Incorporating the Bluetooth 5.0 LE, a Secure Crypto Engine as well as low power functionality essential for any IoT application. In addition the RA4W1 integrates a Capacitive Touch Sensing Unit (CTSU) and a Segment LCD Controller (SLCDC) making it to an ideal fit for wireless application with Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) requirements. If communication beside the Bluetooth 5.0 LE would be required, RA4W1 offers an abundant amount of communication peripherals like USB, CAN, SCI, SPI etc.

The RA4W1 supports the full Bluetooth 5.0 LE specification incl. “Long Range” for larger coverage and “Advertising Extension” for higher advertising capacity. The support of  "Channel Selection Algorithm #2", making it more resistant to interference from other 2.4GHz RF signals sources and realizes stable communication even in environments with radio interference.

Chip (RL78/G1D)

Chip (RX23W)

Chip (RA4W1)

Examples of Applications/Examples of Utilization Technologies

Applications using the Bluetooth LE technology have started to be used widely in healthcare devices, and the use of the Bluetooth LE technology is still expanding in a wide variety of applications for sports and fitness devices, smart home devices, industrial devices, beacon applications, etc.

Bluetooth ® Low Energy

Detailed technical description

Bluetooth ® Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) is designed for very low power operation and is optimized to short burst data transmission. In order to achieve reliable communication in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, it employs a robust frequency hopping spread spectrum method that transmits data over 40 channels. The Bluetooth LE radio provides great flexibility to developers with data rates from 125Kb/s to 2 Mb/s, multiple PHY options that support power levels from 1mW to 100mW, and multiple high-level security options required by government agencies.
The Bluetooth LE supports multiple network topologies such as "Point-to-Point" used for data transfer, "Broadcast" used for location services, and "Mesh" used for building large-scale device networks.

The profits of the Bluetooth LE is that it can communicate with applications for smartphone or tablet. The Bluetooth LE is already used in many new applications such as healthcare & fitness, home electric appliances, home automation, gadgets, accessories and location systems. As the IoT market grows, it is expected that products support the Bluetooth LE will increase at an accelerated pace.

Bluetooth qualification acquisition

Bluetooth SIG prescribes that it's necessary to satisfy the giving requirements of Bluetooth lisence to sell a product using Bluetooth technology and a trademark. Please confirm the governance document with the Bluetooth SIG website for details.

Please refer to the application note described how to register (Declaration) the product using the Qualified Design Identification number (QDID) of our qualified design when selling a device equipped with a Renesas Bluetooth LE microcomputer or module as a Bluetooth product.

iOS/Android Application "GATTBrowser"

The smartphone application, "GATTBrowser" can be downloaded from App Store/Google Play.
GATTBrowser is the app to check the Bluetooth LE behavior. It can scan LE devices which are advertising in vicinity and can perform the GATT-based communication with the connected LE device. You can easy to check the sample application behavior. GATTBrowser assist to development of products implement Renesas Bluetooth LE microcomputer and module.


iOS Application GATTBrowser

iOS Application "GATTBrowser"

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iOS Application GATTBrowser

Android Application "GATTBrowser"

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Android Application GATTBrowser

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