This solution is a communication gateway for a doctor monitoring system that could automatically sync up patient health status with a doctor. The patient monitoring devices can communicate with this device through long-range Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE). And, the gateway will upload the information to the doctor through cellular, Ethernet or Wi-Fi picked by the patient.

System Benefits​:

  • Multiple communication types are available including
    • Long-range Bluetooth
    • Cellular
    • Low power Wi-Fi
    • Ethernet communication
    • USB connector for a potential extension adapter
  • System is powered by a single power IC to simply the design
  • A central clock to minimize system space
  • Universal 15W AC/DC adapter optimized for 5V output
  • Long-time support system

Target Applications:

  • IoT gateways
  • Medical gateways
IoT Gateway
Legend for Renesas/Dialog System Diagrams


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