Medication Management is a broad term which can be considered as a spectrum of services that focus on medication appropriateness, effectiveness, safety and adherence with a goal of improving health outcomes. Renesas has developed reference solutions for in-transit medication management (ITMM) which enables data logger manufactures to achieve quick time to market and Personal Medication Adherence to address the issue of medication non-adherence which gives our customers a head start for designing world-class products.

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In-Transit Medication Management

Renesas has developed a reference solution for in-transit medication management (ITMM) which can be thought of as an advanced data logger and enables the supply chain to be compatible to Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). This ITMM solution is backward compatible to traditional hand-held scanning systems.

Personal Medication Adherence

Renesas has developed two solutions – Smart Sleeve & Smart Connector, to address the issue of medication non-adherence. The solution can verify, remind & report medicine usage. In addition to it environmental exposure of medicines can also be tracked and reported via iOS and Android apps.

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