Display Audio / Connectivity Audio


Demand for Enhanced Capabilities

Display audio and connectivity audio systems now offer a wide range of functions. In addition to radio and music CD playback, they are expected to provide capabilities such as connecting with portable music players and hand-free calling using Bluetooth connection to a mobile phone. In addition, products equipped with TFT displays for use as rear-view monitors, etc., are increasing.

SH-Series and RZ/A-Series

Renesas Electronics offers the SH7260 Series of 32-bit RISC MCUs and the RZ/A Series with embedded Arm® Cortex®-A9 processor for use in such products. The SH7260 Series integrates functions such as an SD memory card interface, USB, CD-ROM decoder, and serial sound interface, enabling it to operate as a media processor when used with MP3 or WMA decoder middleware. The on-chip video display controller and large-capacity RAM allow it to function as a graphics IC as well.

The RZ/A1x Group has up to 10MB of large-capacity on-chip RAM, can record the image data necessary for displaying two WXGA size screens without external SDRAM, and enables more a compact system. We also supply a lineup of sub-MCUs for power management and system control, making it easy for customers to build display audio/connectivity audio systems by allowing flexible extension of functions and reducing the time required for development.

System Block Diagram

Audio Display System Block Diagram

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