The RX13T 32-bit MCU is an optimized single motor control solution used to drive vector control/field-oriented control (FOC) of a permanent magnet synchronous motor (brushless DC motor). The RX13T also has a best-in-class built-in floating-point unit (FPU) at 32MHz and various built-in peripheral functions, making for a small and low BOM cost single motor control board. A standard DC input solution (24V) is shown with this RX13T solution. This application shows the use of the microcontroller together with the IPS22xx axial position sensor, allowing motor axle position feedback without HALL effect sensors.

System Benefits​:

  • The proposed solution shows a discrete integration of high voltage/current MOSFETs.
  • The IPS2200 rotational sensor is a highly integrated contactless sensing device.
  • Wide range of motor capabilities, 12V up to 36V, max 4A (144W).
  • Simple interfacing to external control hardware (ADC input, PWM input).

Target Applications:

  • Flight and car simulators for gaming (steering wheel, speed/brake pedals) and RC cars.
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RX13T Motor Control Solution

This BLDC motor control solution shows 24V FOC sensorless and smooth operation using the highly precise IPS2200 inductive position sensor.