The RH850/U2A MCU is the first member of Renesas’ cross-domain MCUs, a new generation of automotive-control devices, designed to address the growing need to integrate multiple applications into a single chip to realize a unified electronic control units (ECUs) for the evolving electrical-electronic architecture (E/E architecture). Based on 28 nanometer (nm) process technology, the 32-bit RH850/U2A MCU builds on key functions from Renesas’ RH850/Px Series for chassis control and RH850/Fx Series for body control to deliver improved performance.

The new automotive-control MCU is equipped with up to four 400-megahertz (MHz) CPU cores in a dual core lock-step structure. Each CPU core integrates a hardware-based virtualization-assisted function, which allows multiple software systems with varying ISO26262 functional safety levels to operate independently without interference during high performance. It also reduces the virtualization overhead to maintain real-time execution. This enables users to integrate multiple ECU functions into a single ECU while maintaining safety, security, and real-time operation requirements.

The MCU includes security functions fulfilling EVITA Full for enhanced protection against cyber-attacks, enabling the device to support safe and rapid Full No-Wait OTA software updates as security requirements evolve.

The RH850/U2A MCU is also equipped with an extensive set of networking interfaces, enabling the MCU to process the large amounts of sensor data being generated by multiple types of sensors in ADAS and autonomous driving functions. This allows customers to support future high-speed network functions and advanced communications throughput requirements.


  • Key features:
    • 400MHz speed for up to 4+4 (LockStep) RH850 G4MH CPUs
    • Top-level ratio of performance vs. power consumption
    • Up to 16MB Flash
    • Up to 3.6MB RAM
    • Up to 3 x ADC (12-bit), with a maximum of 94 channels, including 4+4 Track and Hold inputs
    • GTM v3.5 vehicle motion timer
    • Various generic timer modules including watchdog, OS, TAUx
    • High temperature support: up to Tj = 160°C
    • Low power consumption
  • State of the Art Interfaces
    • Up to 2x Ethernet AVB including Gbit and 100MBit
    • SFMA (Serial flash memory interface)
    • eMMC
  • Support for FuSa and Security
    • Security module with EVITA Full support
    • ISO26262 ASIL-D
  • Extensive Eco-System supporting the latest standards concerning Tool, HW and SW areas
  • Hypervisor support


  • Zone control ECU
  • Domain control ECU
  • Communication gateway
  • Chassis & safety
  • Energy management


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Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Title Type Company
E2 emulator [RTE0T00020KCE00000R]On-chip debugging emulator. Also available as a flash memory programmer. [Support MCU/MPU: RA, RE, RH850, R-Car D1, RL78, RX] Emulator Renesas
CS+Renesas integrated development environment (IDE) [Support MCU/MPU: RH850, V850, RX, RL78, 78K0R, 78K0] (Note: CS+ is not generally promoted to U.S. and European customers.) (Note: To use Smart Configurator on CS+ for RL78/G23 and RX family MCUs, install the Smart Configurator for each MCU family separately downloading from ”Design & Support” > ”Development Tools” > ”Smart Configurator”) IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
Debug and Trace Tools for Multi-DevicesThese tools facilitate the analysis and identification of the causes of problems that occur in the software that operates cooperatively on the CPUs of multiple devices. IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
Distributed Processing Software for Multi-DevicesThis software maximizes the performance of hardware by distributing the functions of the application to multiple SoCs or CPUs and HWIPs inside the microcontroller. Solution Toolkit Renesas
Co-Simulation Environment for Multi-DevicesThis is a multi-device operation simulation environment that integrates a group of simulators such as the R-Car Virtual Platform that are provided for the individual devices to enable coordinated operation. Simulator MathWorks, Australian Semiconductor Technology Company, Synopsys


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