Using the DSP library, Digital Signal Processing such as FIR, IIR filters and FFT can be performed easily on RX Family MCUs. RX Family MCUs support DSP instructions that execute Multiply-and-accumulate operation etc. necessary for Digital Signal Processing at high speed.


Uploaded a video of performing FFT in real time on RX microcontroller using DSP library.

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Release Information

Version Description of Revision Download
V.5.0 For RX Family MCU products (For the detailed information about RX Microcontrollers)

Supported MCUs:All RX Family MCUs

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CC-RX/ e2 studio CubeSuite+ RX Family DSP Library Version 5.0

 : e2 studio | : CS+


  • DSP library
  • User's Manual (Explain detail API)
  • Application Notes (Describe how to install the library, resource requirements and execution cycle counts)
  • Sample Programs (Projects run on IDE)

Related Video

Directly input analog signal to RX231 and perform FFT in real time.
Directly input analog signal to RX231 and perform FFT in real time.
Directly input analog signal to RX231 and perform FFT in real time.

Related Application Notes

 RX Family RXv2 CPU Products An example of C-language program to use DSP instructions
Sample program with DSP instructions defined as assembly-language inline functions to allow their use in programs written in C.
 RX Family Sample Program for Performing FFT on Analog Input Signals
Sample project for performing A/D conversion and FFT processing on analog input signals using a single RX MCU.


Rich Data Type Support

Complex FFT case:
int32_t R_DSP_FFT_<intype> <outtype>(r_dsp_fft_t * handle, .. ), where <intype> and <outtype> are the following combinations.
<intype> <outtype>
ci16 ci16 or ci32
ci32 ci32
cf32 cf32

ci16: complex data type of integer 16-bit data | ci32: complex data type of integer 32-bit data

Fine-grained Option Support

Complex FFT R_DSP_FFT_ci16ci16 case:
  • scaling: division by 2 at the output of every stage of the FFT, or every other stage, or no scaling
  • coefficients: 16-bit or 32-bit


RX Family DSP Library APIs


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