The R-Car V3M is an SoC that is primarily for front camera applications, but also surround view systems or even lidars; and, it enables NCAP (New Car Assessment Program, Note 1) features.

A challenge for front cameras is how to provide high performance for computer vision while supporting low power consumption and a high level of functional safety. Since front cameras are mounted next to the windshield, the rise in temperature due to not only the heat generated by the components themselves, but also direct sunlight must be taken into consideration. Thus, the requirements for low power consumption are especially stringent.

The R-Car V3M solves this challenge and improves the power efficiency of camera system development.

Note 1: NCAP (New Car Assessment Program): A government car safety program tasked with evaluating new automobile designs for performance against various safety threats.

  • Low power consumption and highly-efficient image recognition engine
  • High-speed processing of algorithms like optical flow, object detection and classification, and convolutional neural networks
  • Dual Arm® Cortex®-A53 for application programming and dual Cortex-R7 lockstep cores to run AUTOSAR
  • Integrated ISP enables high level of integration for reduced cost
  • Open solution for front camera supported by Renesas and its ecosystem of partners

R-Car V3M Reduces BOM Costs and is Optimal for Surround View Systems

R-Car V3M Block Diagram

System Block Diagram

R-Car V3M System Block Diagram

  • Two 800MHz Arm® Cortex®-A53 MPCore™ cores
  • Dual lockstep 800MHz Arm® Cortex®-R7 core
  • Memory controller for DDR3L-1600 with 32 bits × 1 channel
  • QSPI Flash memory support
  • eMMC 4.5 support
  • Image recognition engine (IMP-X5-V3M)
  • Image signal processor (ISP)
  • Image renders for camera image distortion correction application (IMR)
  • Video signal processor (VSPD)
  • Video encoding processor for inter-device video transfer (iVCP1E)
  • Video output (4 lanes × 1 channel LVDS, 1 channel digital)
  • Video input (4 lanes × 1 channel MIPI-CSI2, 2 channels digital)
  • 2 channels FlexRay interface
  • 8 channels 12-bit analog to digital converter
  • CAN/CANFD interface
  • EthernetAVB
  • 4x UART, 4x SPI, 5x I2C interfaces
  • FCBGA 19 x 19mm2 0.8mm package
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