Interface & Connectivity

Renesas offers a range of motor-driving photocouplers (optocouplers) that feature a high isolation voltage, high temperature operation, high output current, and high-speed switching. Included in this product lineup are insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) gate drive and intelligent power module (IPM) drive optically coupled isolators.


IGBT Drive Photocouplers / Optocouplers

IGBT drive photocouplers that contain a GaAlAs LED, and a photodiode, signal processing circuit and power output transistor

IPM Drive Photocouplers / Optocouplers

Intelligent power module drive photocouplers that contain a GaAlAs LED, a photodiode and signal processing circuit


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Renesas Photocoupler Products

Renesas has a comprehensive lineup of microcontrollers for smart factory, smart infrastructure, and other industrial segments. Photocouplers are components that have the role of transmitting control signals from a microcontroller while protecting people and control systems from the high voltages used in factories and other industrial applications. Renesas offers photocouplers for motor drive, current and voltage protection and communication functions in a variety of packages.