This system has various wireless modules such as BLE, Wi-Fi, and LTE on board with a GPS module and NFC reader. As the future of automotive is moving towards connected vehicles, this telematics unit serves as an advantage to upgrading an existing ECU (Electronic Control Unit) for cloud connectivity. NFC plays an important role in automotive, for example, linking NFC-enabled smartphones with a car's infotainment system. It can also be used to upgrade industrial systems for IoT.

System Benefits:

  • Automotive cluster can be turned into a connected cluster
  • Facilitates implementation of software defined vehicle, enables over-the-air (OTA) upgrade of any ECU
  • In-vehicle payment from the car using an NFC card, and vehicle data in one tap
  • Onboard level shifters provide flexibility to interface with various voltage levels
  • Selectable source of supply (onboard/external interfacing system)
  • BLE, Wi-Fi modules with the industry's lowest power consumption
  • Board-to-board connection can be seen in solutions such as AIC-V2 TFT instrument cluster with telematics board and Vehicle Control Unit



  • Automotive telematics unit
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Winning Combinations

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