The video provides a quick introduction to the key elements of IAR EW for Renesas Synergy and its importance for the Renesas Synergy Platform. After watching it, you will be able to fully install and run IAR EW for Renesas Synergy on your computer. This will allow you to use the world class IAR IDE, build tools, C-SPY debugger, C-STAT and C-RUN analysis tools as a fully integrated design environment along with the Renesas Synergy Software Package (SSP) and the Express Logic ThreadX® RTOS and associated NetX®, NETX Duo®, USBX®, GUIX, FileX®, and TraceX® development tools. This unbeatable combination will dramatically accelerate your development, reduce your total cost of ownership and lower your barriers to entry.


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There are many 12V rails in industrial applications today that need a buck converter to step the voltage down to a lower voltage and deliver up to 14 amps. The ISL85009, ISL85012 and ISL85014 are pin compatible, very efficient and are able to deliver up to 14 amps.