About Renesas CSIRT

Renesas CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) is organized to address security issues (Incidents and Vulnerabilities) that may emerge in Renesas assets. Renesas wishes to proactively address any potential security vulnerabilities. We have created a dedicated security point of contact as part of our process.

If you are looking to report a security issue involving a Renesas product, please contact that team: Renesas PSIRT

Reporting Vulnerabilities to Renesas CSIRT

Please send the potential vulnerability information to the Renesas CSIRT contact form below. To allow Renesas CSIRT to process the potential vulnerability, you should provide the following information:

  • Hardware/software product name with any version or revision number 
    • Detailed description of the vulnerability
    • Detailed description of potential exploits resulting from vulnerability
    • Date when the vulnerability was detected
    • Details about how it was discovered
    • How to confirm the potential vulnerability
      • Technical details (such as system configuration, description of exploit/attack code, sample packet capture)
      • Software name / version used for confirmation if required for confirmation
    • Any public information already published (CVE, etc.)
    • Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) v3 score if possible
  • Your contact information
    • Name
    • Organization
    • Email Address

Insufficient information may prevent Renesas from confirming the information. The information should be provided in English.

Important Notice:

  • We only process potential vulnerability information that pertains to Renesas assets. For other inquiries, please contact your Renesas representative.
  • We will not use your contact information for any purpose other than analyzing and recording potential vulnerability information. Please refer to Renesas’ privacy policy ( https://www.renesas.com/privacy ).
  • By sending vulnerability information to Renesas, you agree to not publicly disclose or share the vulnerability with other people and organizations until Renesas provides the conclusion.
  • We will do our best but please note that our response may take some time. Thank you for your cooperation.