This product provides a WebUI package for RZ MPUs: WebUI is a web-based management tool that provides a user interface (UI) to users over a network. Users can operate IoT edge devices by operating the UI. When using this product, please first read the release note provided for the WebUI package.

Release Information

Jun 30, 2023: RZ MPU WebUI Package V1.0.0

Target Devices

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Please download the WebUI package from the download link and read the attached release note. Please download VLP v3 as well.

* Note
The download file is open source software. It is provided “AS IS” with no warranty. Please check carefully by yourself the license for each software and license for technologies that is used by each OSS, and carefully confirm the package is applicable to your product.

DownloadTarget DeviceTarget SW
WebUI package V1.0.0 for RZ/G Verified Linux Package V3 (RTK0EF0045Z88001ZJ_v1.0.0.zip) (ZIP)RZ/G2L, RZ/G2LC, RZ/G2UL, RZ/FiveRZ/G VLP v3.0.3

RZ/Five VLP v3.0.4