RX Smart Configurator automatically generates initial-setting programs for MCUs.
It provides a quick and smart way of combining and configuring software to meet your needs, such as by configuring peripheral pins and importing middleware and drivers.


  • Importing Middleware/Drivers
  • Generating Driver Code
  • Pin Settings
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Release Information

Supported IDEs and user guides(Note1)Related documentsLatest Ver.
Operating Environment
e² studioCS+IAR
e² studio plug-in (Note2)
RX Smart Configurator User's Guide: e² studio (PDF | English, 日本語)
RX Smart Configurator User's Guide: CS+ (PDF | English, 日本語)
RX Smart Configurator User's Guide: IAREW (PDF | English, 日本語)
Smart Configurator User's Manual RX API Reference (PDF | English, 日本語)V2.21.0
Apr 22, 2024
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Operating Environment


  1. These user guides cover everything from installation to the setting of peripheral functions and the generation of code. Statements in each user guide are specific to the stated target integrated development environment.
  2. The package of the e² studio includes this plug-in.

Precautions when using RX140 with RX Smart Configurator V.2.11.0

End of Support for Windows 32-Bit Versions

  • Smart Configurator released after Dec. 2021 will support the 64-bit versions of Windows® only.
    Microsoft® Windows® has shifted to the 64-bit environment. Therefore, Renesas will focus on supporting Smart Configurator for the 64-bit environment.
    (Microsoft®, Windows® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. https://www.microsoft.com/legal/intellectualproperty/trademarks.aspx)


Adding FIT Module for QE for Capacitive Touch on Smart Configurator
Smart Configurator Device Selection (Renesas Starter Kit+ for RX65N-2MB)
Using downloaded FIT Modules in e² studio

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Design & Development

Sample Code

How to Use Symbolic Name with Smart Configurator

This video demonstrates how to use symbolic names with Smart Configurator on e2 studio for RX and RL78.

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Importing Middleware/Drivers

Importing FIT Modules

Renesas offers a range of FIT (Firmware Integration Technology) modules which you can import and then modify their settings, such as pin assignments. You can also use them with code from the driver code generator.
Details of FIT >>
List of FIT Modules >>



Generating Driver Code

The Smart Configurator provides you with a GUI environment for generating driver code that handles the details of the settings of peripheral modules.

Clock settings


You can make clock settings by selecting a clock source and making connections in the block diagram in the [Clocks configuration] window.

Component settings


In the [Software component configuration] window, you can embed sample code and make settings for peripheral modules. After selecting the module you wish to set up for use, you can check for errors in settings (with some types indicated on the display) or switch the channels for use by drivers of multi-channel modules.


Pin Settings

The assignments of pins can be set up through a GUI, which also checks and offers solutions for cases of contention for the same pin by multiplexed functions.

The [Pins Configuration] window (displayed per peripheral module)


Specifying a peripheral module in the [Pins Configuration] window displays the pin functions for use by the module and allows you to set the assignment of the functions to pins.

[MCU Package] window


The [MCU Package] window displays a symbolic view of the pins, indicating by colors which pins are and are not in use, which have been assigned contending multiplexed functions, and so on. This makes it easy to check the overall situation.

Automatic resolution of contention between pin functions


In cases of contention for a pin, clicking on the pin brings up a list allowing automatic changing of the assignment of the pin to resolve the contention.



How to migrate from Code Generator project to Smart Configurator project

Please refer to the following video for more information on code generation project migration.
How To Migrate From Code Generator Project to Smart Configurator Project