The code generator plug-in can automatically generate control programs for peripheral modules (device driver programs). By generating needed source code in accordance with user settings, the plug-in shortens development terms and dramatically reduces costs.

Important: A Note to Users of the Code Generator Plug-in for RX and the RL78/G23 group: We recommend that you consider migrating to the Smart Configurator, as it supports the following three functions: importing middleware in the form of FIT modules, generating driver code, and setting pins from the Code Generator Plug-in.


  • Simple operation of all processes through an easy-to-understand GUI
  • Handles checking for cases where multiple peripheral modules are contending for the same pins
  • An API provides functions to make the peripheral functions operate
  • Since this tool is included in the CS+ and e² studio integrated development environments from Renesas, all processes from editing and building code to debugging can be smoothly executed from the same integrated environment
  • Many application notes and sample code [Learn More]
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Release Information

CS+ Code Generator:

Details of upgrade (See Tool News)

Operating Environment


About Code Generator Plug-in setting when MCU is changed in CS+ or e² studio
Option Byte Setting in Code Generator Plug-in for RL78
Decimal Point/Digit Grouping Separator in Code Generator Plug-in

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Target Devices



Design & Development

Sample Code

Additional Details

Microcontrollers for Code Generation

Target Device IDE
MCU Series Group CS+ e² studio
RL78 RL78/F1x RL78/F12, RL78/F13, RL78/F14, RL78/F15, RL78/F1E lens lens
RL78/G1x RL78/G10, RL78/G11, RL78/G12, RL78/G13, RL78/G13A, RL78/G14, RL78/G1A, RL78/G1C, RL78/G1D, RL78/G1E, RL78/G1F, RL78/G1G, RL78/G1H
RL78/H1x RL78/H1D
RL78/I1x RL78/I1A, RL78/I1C, RL78/I1D, RL78/I1E
RL78/L1x RL78/L12, RL78/L13, RL78/L1A, RL78/L1C
RX RX100 RX110 (Note1), RX111 (Note1), RX113 (Note1), RX130 (Note1) lens lens
RX200 RX230 (Note1), RX231 (Note1), RX23T (Note1), RX24T (Note1), RX24U (Note1)
RX600 RX64M (Note1), RX651 (Note1), RX65N (Note1)
RX700 RX71M (Note1)

RH850 RH850/E1x RH850/E1M-S (Please contact us.), RH850/E1L (Please contact us.) lens

RH850/F1x RH850/F1K lens

78K0R 78K0R/Kx 78K0R/Kx3, 78K0R/Kx3-A, 78K0R/Kx3-L lens

78K0R/Lx 78K0R/Lx3
78K0R/Ix 78K0R/Ix3
78K0R/Fx 78K0R/Fx3
78K0 78K0/Kx 78K0/Kx2-L
78K0/Ix 78K0/Ix2
V850 V850E/Sx V850E/Sx3-H
V850ES/Jx V850ES/Jx3, V850ES/Jx3-L, V850ES/Jx3-H, V850ES/Jx3-E

lens Available | — Not Available


  1. You cannot use the code generator plug-in when creating a new project for devices of this group with CS+ or the e² studio since they are supported by the Smart Configurator.
    Regarding the Smart Configurator >>