The PTX130R NFC reader IC featuring native support for the Android™ operating environment provides an ideal way to add NFC communications capability to embedded computing systems built around a touchscreen display. The PTX130R features a very high RF output power of up to 2W at the antenna, providing robust connectivity and enabling OEMs to achieve compliance with the strict requirements of the EMVCo standard for payment card transactions even when operating via an antenna that is placed close to or behind a noisy display.


  • NCI compatible NFC controller for Android integration
  • EMVCo 3.0/3.1 in challenging environment
  • High reading performance: Up to 40% increased reading distance compared to competition
  • SDK for Android, Linux, RTOS, and Bare Metal
  • Faster standard compliance and ease-of-manufacturing



  • EMVCo 3.0/3.1 Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems
  • Android™ devices
  • High-performance IoT applications


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Smart Point of Sale Terminals - NFC Behind the Display

Designing point of sale terminals is a tricky business as it is. Different stringent certifications, end user-friendliness, nice design, top performance – all of these and more are things to consider when bringing a new PoS terminal to the market. And when you want to innovate and introduce a large screen with an NFC antenna placed behind this screen, a smartphone-like form factor – the number of challenges only grows.

Renesas' NFC reader products help customers overcome these challenges and be the first fish in the Smart PoS ocean!