Renesas provides a broad portfolio of resistive and capacitive sensor signal conditioners (SSCs) that make it easy for our customers to build best-in-class sensor solutions. These integrated, high precision, reliable and robust signal conditioning circuits for sensors can operate in demanding industrial, automotive, and consumer environments with long-term stability. Supported by decades of industry experience, advanced software and evaluation tools, our SSCs can lower total system cost and reduce time to market.

Renesas' portfolio of resistive and capacitive sensor signal conditioners is ideal for industrial applications (such as humidity sensors, flow sensors, pressure sensors, level sensors, etc.), allowing for high-precision signal processing, in both system diagnostics and high-resolution output up to 24 bits.

Our best-in-class automotive sensor signal conditioning (SSC) ICs are optimized to withstand harsh automotive environments that require low supply current to reduce power consumption (critical for PHEV, BEV and FCEV vehicles), and provide excellent electromagnetic compatibility and ESD protection. These SSCs products offer digital compensation of inherent sensor offset, sensitivity, temperature drift, and nonlinearity covering a wide operational temperature range according to the AEC-Q100 standard (–40 °C to +150 °C).

Renesas' SSCs are compatible with multiple pressure sensor types, such as piezoresistive MEMS, ceramic and strain gauge for correct measurement of absolute, gauge/barometric and differential pressure. Our SSCs also support high-temperature sensing using thermocouples.


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ZSSC3241 High-End Sensor Signal Conditioner Overview

Renesas’ ZSSC3241 is a powerful Sensor Signal Conditioner (SSC) with analog and digital output, on-chip diagnostics, industrial voltage range and an embedded DSP core. The solution targets high-end applications such as industrial, medical, and consumer sensing for a wide variety of sensor platform designs.

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