The ISL8120EVAL3Z evaluation board is used for a performance demo of dual independent outputs and DDR applications.

The ISL8120 integrates two voltage-mode synchronous buck PWM controllers. It can be used either for dual independent outputs or a 2-phase single output regulator.


  • Output voltage preset to 1.2V/25A
  • Input power terminals
  • Output lugs for load connections
  • Input electrolytic capacitors used to handle the input current ripples
  • Two upper and two lower Renesas "speed" series LFPAK MOSFETs are used for each phase
  • 320nH PULSE surface mount inductors are used for each phase
  • Two SANYO POSCAP 2R5TPF470M7L (7mΩ) are used as output E-caps
  • Remote sense posts to monitor and evaluate the system voltage regulations



  • Power supply for datacom/telecom and point-of-load (POL)
  • Paralleling power module
  • Wide and narrow input voltage range buck regulators
  • DDR I and II applications
  • High current density power supplies
  • Multiple outputs VRM and VRD


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