YCONNECT-IT-RZN2L is a compact reference kit for evaluating applications using Industrial Ethernet communication with the RZ/N2L MPU. It contains two pre-assembled boards called "Stamp Module" and "Carrier Board".

The kit provides EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP sample software and will support Industrial Ethernet protocols such as PROFINET, Modbus TCP, and OPC UA in the future. With the Gigabit PHYs, it is well prepared to support real-time Ethernet communication based on TSN.

In addition, standard interfaces such as Pmod and Arduino and a host interface (QSPI slave) are also mounted, which can be connected easily to the application MCU board.


  • 2x Gigabit Industrial Ethernet connectors
  • 2x PMOD connectors
    • Type 3A and Type 6A modules can be mounted, like Renesas Quick Connect IoT Sensors and Connectivity (Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE), Wi-Fi)
  • Arduino dual-use connector
    • Host: Standard Arduino shields can be mounted
    • Shield: Can be mounted on any Renesas MCU boards such as the EK-RA6M4
  • Flexible power supply from either USB or 24V DC terminal or Arduino host board
  • 9-pin connector for external debugger connection and Segger J-Link OB for debugging via USB
  • Connectors for CAN, host interface, and Industrial Ethernet synchronous signal



  • Remote I/O
  • Sensor hub
  • Industrial Ethernet unit/module


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This RZ/N2L, 2 Gigabit Ethernet PHY implementation can be seen through pings and LED blinking which show the transmission and Gigabit Ethernet connection.