The RZ/A3UL allows customers to achieve the full potential of a real-time operating system (RTOS) while leveraging the performance boost provided by the 64-bit Arm® Cortex®-A55 CPU core with a maximum operating frequency of 1 GHz. It integrates an Octal-SPI memory interface that facilitates simpler and more compact board designs. In addition, it includes versions that support a DDR3L/DDR4 memory interface to enable connection of high-speed DRAM.

Using an RTOS allows systems to start up instantly, in less than a second after boot-up. This feature is ideal for systems that require a fast response time such as industrial equipment, home appliances and office automation equipment with liquid crystal displays or control panels, as well as audio equipment and POS terminals.


  • Cortex-A55 (Single)
  • LCD Controller
  • Camera interface (MIPI-CSI)
  • Display interface (Parallel-IF)
  • USB2.0 interface 2ch, SD interface 2ch
  • CAN interface (CAN-FD)
  • Gigabit Ethernet 2ch
  • Memory error detection / correction (ECC)
  • OctaRAM or DDR4/DDR3L memory interface
  • BGA package (13 x 13mm)



ZIP 19.21 MB Manual - Hardware
PDF 327 KB 日本語 Guide
PDF 8.49 MB Quick Start Guide
Manual - Software
PDF 159 KB Application Note
ZIP 1.02 MB Application Note
ZIP 117.83 MB Application Note
PDF 371 KB Technical Update
PDF 12.68 MB 日本語 Brochure
ZIP 2.85 MB Application Note
PDF 413 KB 日本語 Flyer
PDF 429 KB Technical Update
PDF 19.79 MB 日本語 Brochure
PDF 410 KB Product Reliability Report
ZIP 3.70 MB Manual - Development Tools
PDF 3.77 MB Manual - Development Tools
PDF 99 KB Application Note
PDF 473 KB Application Note
PDF 535 KB Technical Update
PDF 423 KB 日本語 Flyer
PDF 449 KB Application Note
PDF 209 KB Application Note
PDF 316 KB Application Note
PDF 303 KB Guide
PDF 432 KB Application Note
PDF 162 KB Application Note
PDF 10.28 MB 日本語 , 简体中文 Other
PDF 14.70 MB 日本語 General Reliability Literature
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Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Software title
Software type
RZ/A3UL Software Package
This RZ/A3UL software package helps speed up time to market.
Software Package Renesas
RZ Smart Configurator
RZ Smart Configurator is a utility for combining software in ways that meet your needs. It simplifies the embedding of Renesas drivers in your systems through supports for importing middleware and drivers and configuring pins.
Solution Toolkit Renesas
TES Guiliani
'Prepaid by Renesas' TES Guiliani-Lite for RZ/A
Solution Toolkit Renesas
e² studio - information for RZ Family
Eclipse-based Renesas integrated development environment (IDE).
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
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Software Downloads

Type Date
ZIP 24.08 MB Board Description File
ZIP 24.08 MB Board Description File
ZIP 20.06 MB PCB Design Files
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Boards & Kits

Boards & Kits



Type Date
ZIP Model - BSDL
ZIP 10.15 MB Model - IBIS
ZIP 1.48 MB Model - Other
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RZ/A3UL Display demonstration with Free GUI tool

The video time is just 1 minute.
RZ/A3UL supports FreeRTOS and Azure RTOS. As free of charge GUI tools, ‘Guiliani-Lite’ is available for FreeRTOS and ‘GUIX’ for Azure RTOS.