NextDrive DMS is a driver monitoring system that utilizes the AI algorithm developed in-house, and the primary functions of NextDrive including identifying the driver profile, detecting the driver's drowsiness status, dangerous or distracted behaviors, as well as reporting a vehicle's route or unusual events in real time on the cloud. Low power efficiency and real-time processing are made possible by using the RZ/V series of MPUs.



  • Driver monitoring
    • Driver’s profile registration and detection by FaceID.
    • Real-time detection and warning of drowsiness, distraction, and dangerous behaviors based on the analysis of head pose, facial expression, eye state, eye gaze, etc.
    • Integration with alcohol checker, saving the measurement result and evidence images.
  • Vehicle management
    • Vehicle list management
    • Real-time tracking of location and route
    • Real-time sending driver’s violations and recording driving manners on the cloud.
  • Reporting dashboard
    • Visual reports of violations, driving manner, vehicle incidents, etc.




  • Enterprises, especially in logistics and transportation companies, who possess the vehicles and want to ensure their employees’ safe driving.
  • Insurance companies that provide car insurance with drive recorder.


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