Storyboard provides an embedded GUI development framework for the creation and refinement of HMI applications targeted at providing exceptional user experiences. With easy-to-use, drag-and-drop tools and parallel development workflows for design and development, teams can develop and iterate without destroying already completed work or delaying time to market

Crank Software’s expert knowledge in backend, frontend, and UI design and development can make any project easier. From concept to completion, we're with you through the entire GUI design and development cycle.

Storyboard supports a wide range of Renesas hardware from the RZ family of microprocessors.



  • Accelerated GUI Development – Begin GUI development before hardware selection, and import directly from design-based tools
  • Rapid Design Iteration – Re-import changed UI design files and graphically compare and merge choice of changed assets without causing a complete teardown of code or previous development work
  • Project Scalability – Create GUI apps optimized for a wide range of target hardware with GUIs developed for one product line being reused with others
  • Purpose Built for Collaboration – Reduce development workflow inefficiencies in the product lifecycle from design to testing & validation with collaborative parallel workflows




  • Industrial controls
  • Smart homes
  • Smart buildings
  • Wearables
  • Home appliances
  • Consumer electronics
  • Medical
  • Automotive/Infotainment


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