Software and hardware package for realizing FSoE slave function.

  • To overcome the challenges to evaluate and develop FSoE system easier and faster
  • Best optimized BOM cost by integrating EtherCAT + FSoE Slave function with 2 chips
  • Allows evaluation of Renesas’ IEC 61508 Functional Safety Solution FSoE Reference Software for RX MCU
  • Keeping flexibility to connect customer’s non-safety system

What is inside:

  • Two-chip, RX72M and RX23T configuration, functional safety reference board (user manual, schematics, and BOM list)
  • RX FSoE Reference Software (scan QR code inside the kit)
  • Software development handbook

Plug into FSoE master device and other tools to set up your FSoE slave environment (not included in the kit)

Requires commercial license agreement when using the software in customer’s final product.


  • Hardware Functionality
    • HFT=1
    • No external network communication IC needed. Coexist with EtherCAT slave communication by RX72M built-in EtherCAT slave controller and FSoE functions.
    • Both RX72M and RX23T have dedicated ICE connectors for software development. LEDs to check Safety/Non-Safety data in/out.
  • Software & Documents (scan QR code inside the kit)
    • Software packages to run FSoE Remote I/O system
      • Sample software for RX72M-RX23T FSoE Reference Kit
      • Sample projects for FSoE Remote IO System (emergency stop switch control system, safety input port control system, and analog sensor input)
    • Software developer’s handbook: Guidelines on how to use RX FSoE Reference Kit.



  • Functional safety application for HFT=1 and SIL3 criteria under IEC61508 standard such as:
    • Primary designed to fit Safety Remote IO
    • Other safety application e.g. AC Drive / GP Inverter, PLC, and Sensors
  • Target market segment: Industrial Automation (Factory Automation, Process Automation), Building Automation


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