Development Environment for RL78 Family Boards and Kits

Renesas offers various easy-to-use boards for evaluation; Renesas Starter Kits, containing a board and the software a starter with a Renesas MCU needs, CPU boards, for trying out the operation of RL78 Family MCUs, and evaluation boards, which are specific to particular fields. We also offer a rich variety of boards produced by our partners.

Renesas Starter Kit - ALL-IN-ONE tool kit for evaluation and introduction of MCU

Do you need to jump start your RL78 Family evaluation? If yes, this will be the best and affordable development toolkit for you. You can obtain all the development environment elements needed for evaluation or introduction of MCU. The CPU board has the application headers to output the control signals from a MCU and can be connected to a user system for debugging.

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Renesas Starter Kit

CPU Boards - Quick and Easy Evaluation

These boards are beginner friendly and make it easy for you to evaluate the operation of MCUs. With all pins of the MCU joined to connectors on the edge of the board, you can create evaluation circuits by using a readily available universal board.

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CPU Boards

Evaluation Boards for Specific Fields

RL78/G1D Evaluation Board

As well as the RL78/G1D, this board includes peripheral functions such as push switches and LEDs. The board eases the evaluation of the RL78/G1D and the development and evaluation of Bluetooth® low energy applications.

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RL78/L1C HMI Solution Kit

This solution kit includes a versatile segment LCD display circuit, an sound playback circuit, and a capacitive touch sensor circuit. The kit eases the development and evaluation of products incorporating human–machine interface (HMI) and USB, such as consumer electronics and health-care products with communications functionality.

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RL78/G1C USB Charger Solution Kit

This solution kit includes a charge-control IC, a serial EEPROM, an LCD character display, and sensors of luminance and temperature. The kit eases the development and evaluation of rapidly chargeable products and USB applied products.

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Boards from Renesas Partners

A wide variety of boards from Renesas Partners also available.

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