The QB-R5F10BMG-TB is a target board used for evaluating microcontroller operations, using the E1, the Renesas Electronics on-chip debug emulator with programming function.

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  • Target board ‘QB-R5F10BMG-TB’ which contains a RL78/F13 device with 80 pins and 128kB Flash memory
  • E1 OCD Emulator (HW – OCD and flash programmer)
  • IAR EWRL78 KickStart Edition (SW – compiler from IAR with limited feature set)
  • Quick-Start Guide (documentation with SW examples)

Documentation & Downloads

Title Other Languages Type Format File Size Date
User Guides & Manuals
Read Me File for RL78/F1x ASK (QuickStart Guide) Quick Start Guide PDF 37 KB
RL78/F13 Target board QB-R5F10BMG-TB User's Manual Manual PDF 815 KB