The EZ-0012 is mounted with an RL78/I1A microcontroller with on-chip high-precision LED lighting control functions, so it can be used as a reference platform for RL78/I1A system development.


  • The on-chip high-precision dimming control (1 ns or less PWM resolution) of the RL78/I1A can be used.
  • Supports evaluation of three channels of LED constant current
  • Supports four dimmer interfaces: DALI, DMX512, infrared, and analog volume
  • Supports automatic software generation tool Applilet EZ for HCD



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Application: Industrial, IoT Applications, Power and Energy
Compiler: CC-RL, ICCRL78 Function: Application-Example, Communication-Interface, Driver-or-Library, Other-peripherals IDE: e2 studio, IAR-EWRL78
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