The RH850/C1H with internal 2 Resolver/Digital Converters (RDC2) and 2 motor control units (EMU2) reduces CPU load and can control motors with very little CPU interaction.


  • CPU Core:
    • 240MHz core×2 (Inc. Lockstep dual core x1)
    • FPU
  • Clock:
    • Main Oscillator: 20 MHz
    • PLL with selectable SSCG mode: 240 MHz
    • PLL without SSCG mode: 80 MHz
    • On-chip low-speed oscillator: 240 kHz
  • Data transfer: DMAC / DTS
  • Timer:
    • Timer array unit D (TAUD) 2 units
    • Timer array unit J (TAUJ) 1 unit
    • Motor control timer (TSG3) 2 units
    • Encoder timer (ENCA) 2 units
  • Analog: SAR A/D Converter 37 channels, 2 units
  • Communication Interfaces:
    • Clocked Serial Interface H (CSIH) 2 channels
    • CAN interface (RS-CAN) 4 channels
    • LIN master interface (RLIN2) 3 channels
    • Serial Communication Interface (SCI3) 3 channels
  • Motor Control:
    • Motor control timer (TSG3) 2 units
    • R/D converter (RDC2) 2 units
    • Enhanced motor control unit (EMU2) 1 unit
  • Safety:
    • Multi-Input Signature Generator (MISG)
    • Clock Monitor
    • Watchdog Timer
    • Memory protection function
  • Power Supply Voltage:
    • 1.15 - 1.35 V (CPU core)
    • 3.0 - 3.6/4.5 - 5.5 V (I/O, System, AD converter, RD converter)
  • Temperature: Tj= -40 - +150°




  • HEV/EV


Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Software title
Software type
RI850V4 V2 Real-time OS for RH850 Family
μITRON4.0 Specification real-time OS for RH850 Family [Required IDE : CS+]
ITRON OS Renesas
C Compiler Package for RH850 Family [CC-RH]
C Compiler Package for RH850 Family [IDE: CS+, e² studio]
Compiler/Assembler Renesas
Simulator for CS+ of RH850 Family
Simulator for CS+ of RH850 Family [Support IDE : CS+] (Note: This product is included in Compiler Package and is not available separately.)
Simulator Renesas
Cycle-Accurate Simulator for RH850
Instruction simulator that can measure times with accuracy close to actual machine of RH850 under PC environment. For a fee. [Support IDE : CS+]
Simulator Renesas
E2 emulator [RTE0T00020KCE00000R]
On-chip debugging emulator. Also available as a flash memory programmer. [Support MCU/MPU: RA, RE, RH850, R-Car D1, RL78, RX, RISC-V MCU]
Emulator Renesas
Renesas integrated development environment (IDE) [Support MCU/MPU: RH850, V850, RX, RL78, 78K0R, 78K0] (Note: CS+ is not generally promoted to U.S. and European customers.) (Note: To use Smart Configurator on CS+ for RL78/G23 and RX family MCUs, install the Smart Configurator for each MCU family separately downloading from ”Design & Support” > ”Development Tools” > ”Smart Configurator”)
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
Flash memory programmer [Programming software: Dedicated GUI-based software, the "FP6 Terminal"] [Support MCU/MPU and devices: RA, RE, RX, RL78, RH850, RISC-V MCU, Renesas Synergy, Power Management, Renesas USB Power Delivery Family, ICs for Motor Driver/Actuator Driver, SuperH RISC engine, V850, 78K, R8C]
Programmer (Unit/SW) Renesas
Renesas Flash Programmer (Programming GUI)
Flash memory programming software [Support MCU/MPU and devices: RA, RE, RX, RL78, RH850, RISC-V MCU Renesas Synergy, DA1459x, DA1469x, DA1470x, Power Management, Renesas USB Power Delivery Family, ICs for Motor Driver/Actuator Driver, V850, 78K0R, 78K0]
Programmer (Unit/SW) Renesas
RH850 Multicore Model-Based Environment [Embedded Target for RH850 Multicore]
The Embedded Target for RH850 Multicore is a RH850 model-based multicore environment that simplifies complex driving control for the autonomous-driving era. In addition to the multicore support of the PILS tool for automatic configuration of environments, Embedded Target for Renesas CS+, it can also be interlinked with a model-based parallelization tool from eSOL Co., Ltd.
Model-Based Development Renesas
e² studio - information for RH850 Family
Eclipse-based Renesas integrated development environment (IDE).
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
Green Hills MULTI Device-Support-Packages
Green Hills MULTI Device-Support-Packages include all device specific files to be used with the MULTI IDE.
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
11 items

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Recommended Peripheral Devices

Analog/Power Device Recommended Product Features Featured Document Ordering
Power Management IC RAA270000KFT Ideal power solution for RH850/E1x/C1x. Integrated fault diagnosis and monitor functions. [Document:1218406] Contact Sales
Gate Driver R2A25110KSP IGBT Gate Driver with insulating function (micro-isolator), isolation voltage: 2.5KVrms, excessive current protection function, mirror clamp function, soft turnoff function, etc. [Document:1231331] Contact Sales