Storyboard provides an embedded GUI (Graphical User Interface) development framework for creating HMI applications designed to provide products with exceptional user experiences (UX).

Through its easy-to-use, drag and drop tools and a separate, yet parallel development workflow architecture, Storyboard makes it simple to develop, test, and iterate HMIs at any point in the development cycle. Project teams can invest in refining the applications UX more effectively without destroying already completed work that can cause delays getting to market on time and on budget

Storyboard supports the RA6M3 family of microcontrollers from Renesas. Please contact your local Renesas sales office for a demo and get started creating your own experience!


  • Accelerated GUI Development – begin GUI development and testing before final hardware selection, import design tool files directly into Storyboard, and leverage low-coding development to easily add enhanced HMI capabilities
  • Rapid Design Iteration – re-import changed UI design files into the project and graphically compare and merge preferred changed without causing a complete teardown of code or destroying previous development work
  • Project Scalability – platform and OS independence enables GUI apps to be reused across a wide range of target hardware, with GUIs developed for one product line being reused for others
  • Purpose Built for Collaboration – reduce development workflow inefficiencies in the product lifecycle from design to testing & validation with collaborative parallel workflows



  • Industrial Controls
  • Smart Home / IoT
  • Smart Building
  • Wearables
  • Home Appliances
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Medical
  • Automotive / Infotainment


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AMETEK® CRANK Graphics Storyboard™ on Renesas RA6M3 MCU

AMETEK Crank’s Storyboard™ embedded GUI design and development toolkit can make it easy to develop, iterate, and validate GUI applications simultaneously resulting in reliable UI performance. Storyboard is compatible with RA6M3 family MCUs.