The SH7450 and SH7451 Groups are high-performance RISC microcontrollers embedded with a 32-bit SH-4A CPU core. & They have a maximum operating frequency of 240 MHz, CPU performance of over 432 MIPS, support single and double-precision floating point arithmetic operations, and achieve a maximum single-precision performance of 1.68 GFLOPS. & They incorporate enhanced communication functions required for in-vehicle networks, such as 5 channels of CAN and 2 channels of FlexRay (SH7450). The SH7450 and SH7451 also incorporate camera interface functions required for in-vehicle camera control such as DRI interface (3 channels) and I2C-bus interface (1 channel), and components required for in-vehicle millimeter wave systems such as PDAC, PSEL, and DRI circuits, Timer unit TMU(3 channels), and multifunction timer unit ATU-IIIS (62 channels). Furthermore, an on-chip inter-board communication function for multi-CPU configurations enables higher performance driver-assist systems.




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Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Software title
Software type
C/C++ Compiler Package for SuperH Family
C/C++ Compiler package for SuperH RISC engine Family. Simulator debugger and High-performance Embedded Workshop included.
Compiler/Assembler Renesas
MISRA C Rule Checker SQMlint
MISRA C Rule Checker (option)
Compiler/Assembler Renesas
E10A-USB HS0005KCU01H for H-UDI Interface
E10A-USB emulator not supporting AUD trace function.
Emulator Renesas
E10A-USB HS0005KCU02H for AUD Trace Function
E10A-USB emulator supporting AUD trace function.
Emulator Renesas
High-performance Embedded Workshop
Renesas integrated development environment (IDE) (for SuperH, RX, R8C, M32R, M16C, H8SX, H8S, H8, and 740 families).
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
Debugging MCU Boards
The debugging MCU board is a board to enable the in-circuit connection of an emulator with the user's system and allows you to use more enhanced debugging functions. The applicable debugging functions vary depending on the MCU type.
Other Emulators and Options Renesas
Flash Development Toolkit (Programming GUI)
Flash memory programming software. [Support MCU/MPU and devices: SuperH RISC engine, RX, R8C, M16C, H8SX, H8S, H8, 740]
Programmer (Unit/SW) Renesas
Simulator Debugger for SuperH Family
Simulator debugger for the SuperH RISC engine family [Support IDE : High-performance Embedded Workshop] (Note: This product is included in Compiler Package and is not available separately.)
Simulator Renesas
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Software Downloads

Type Title Date
Software & Tools - Evaluation Software Log in to Download ZIP 122.72 MB 日本語
Upgrade - Compiler Log in to Download ZIP 116.76 MB 日本語
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