The Renesas SATA/SAS repeater family offers the industry a blend of top analog performance, lower power and the most system-level features in signal repeaters optimized for demanding 1.5Gbps to 6G applications in computing, storage and communications.

Benefits of Renesas SAS/SATA repeaters:

  • Extends maximum cable length to over 10 meters and trace length over 65 inches in cabled SAS/SATA applications
  • Speeds up system design time by allowing usage of longer trace and cable lengths
  • Minimizes bit error rate (BER)

Industry-Leading SATA and SAS Repeaters

Renesas offers 1.5Gbps to 6Gbps SATA and SAS repeaters featuring EyeBoost™ technology that compensates for cable and board trace attenuations and inter-symbol interference (ISI) jitter, thereby extending connection reach. The devices offer four or eight channels, each consisting of an input equalizer and amplifier, signal detection with glitch filter, as well as programmable output swing, slew rate and de-emphasis with delay control. All of these features are user-programmable to allow for application-specific optimization.

In addition to the per-channel programmable features, the Renesas SATA/SAS repeaters provide global programmable settings, including termination resistance values and transfer modes.

All modes of active data transfer by the SATA/SAS repeater are designed for minimal power consumption. Also, a wide range of power-reducing modes enables the user to eliminate power of unused blocks, including a shutdown mode. In full shutdown mode, the Renesas PCIe repeaters consume only 10mW per channel (40mW for 4-ch device and 80mW for 8-ch device).

The Renesas SATA/SAS repeaters are ideal for a myriad of applications using a wide combination of cables and board trace materials, including blade servers, rack servers, SAS/SATA instrumentation, storage systems, and cabled SAS/SATA devices.


  • 4 or 8-channel signal repeater
  • Advanced signal conditioning features
  • Advanced diagnostic features
  • Advanced power-saving features
  • Built-in mux/demux for fail-over support
  • I2C programming interface
  • Commercial and industrial temperature

About SATA/SAS Repeaters

High-speed signals can deteriorate to unacceptable levels by the time they reach end receivers, due to transmitter, receiver and channel characteristics. SATA/SAS repeaters ensure minimized jitter and maximized eye opening at the target receiver by compensating for cable and PCB trace attenuation and ISI jitter. This is accomplished by boosting the transmitted signal, by equalizing the received signal, or by doing both when either option by itself is not sufficient due to channel length or due to discontinuities generated by vias and connectors.