This product is an evaluation kit for AC power line communication for developing software and evaluating systems compatible with Renesas' PLC modem IC R9A06G061. This product is a complete evaluation platform comprising the analog front end and control MCU required for AC power line communication.

To evaluate PLC communication using this product, the PHY Performance Evaluation Tool: SimpleMAC GUI is required. Please download SimpleMAC GUI and User's Manual from the Downloads section of this page. (Two or more of this kit are necessary for evaluating PLC communication)


  • Supported MCU and PLC modem IC
    • MCU Group: RX651
    • Part number of MCU mounted on board: R5F5651EHDFP
    • PLC modem IC: R9A06G061
    • Part number of PLC modem IC mounted board: R9A06G061
  • The kit contains the following four boards.
    • AC-PLC board: PLC modem IC (CPX4: R9A06G061) and AFE device
    • Control MCU board: RX651: R5F5651EHDFP
    • Filter board: Removes noise outside the corresponding pass band
    • PMOD conversion board: Pmod™ connector female-male conversion board
  • Supported standards/frequencies:
    • CENELEC-A (35.9375kHz - 90.625kHz)
    • CENELEC-B (98.4375kHz - 121.875kHz)
    • FCC (154.6875kHz - 487.5kHz)
  • Power line voltage: AC100-230V
  • Power supply: External power supply via AC adapter (rated 15V/1.2A) [Note: AC adapter is not included]
  • Main unit outer dimensions: 130×80×45 mm

The AC adapter is not included. Please prepare an AC adapter that complies with the laws and regulations of the environment you use. Following AC adapters have been verified to not degrade communication performance.

Verified AC adapters

Model nameUN318-1512 PL03BSMI18-15-V-P5GST18B15-P1J
DC Volt.15V15V15V
TypeWall MountWall MountDesktop
Supported Standards
* Please check the latest information by vender.
UKCA(GBR) checkcheck
BIS(IND)  check
BSMI(TWN)  check
KC(KOR)check check
RCM(AUS) checkcheck
CBcheck check
RemarkA type pinMulti-Blade (A,B,C,E,N)without AC power cable



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Manual - Development Tools PDF 1.94 MB 日本語
Schematic PDF 1.96 MB 日本語
Guide ZIP 7.34 MB 日本語
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Software & Tools - Software Log in to Download ZIP 13.58 MB
Software & Tools - Software Log in to Download ZIP 2.76 MB
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