The RV2X6376A Series of directly modulated laser (DML) diodes delivers 25Gbps x four wavelengths as the light source in 100Gbps optical transceivers that enable high-speed communications inside 4.9G and 5G LTE basestations and between data center routers and servers. The RV2X6376A Series is the industry’s first industrial temperature (-40 °C to 95 °C) DML diodes that support full 25Gbps speed (per individual laser) without cooling.

The NX6375AA Series of direct modulation distributed feedback laser diodes (DFB LDs) support 25Gbps and four wavelengths. These can be used for the light source in a 100Gbps optical transceiver that is used for communication between a router and a server installed in a data center. The NX6375AA Series is the first in the industry to achieve stable operation up to 28Gbps per channel at a mass production level in the -5 °C to 85 °C operating temperature range. It has a highly reliable mean time to failure (MTTF) of 100,000 hours.

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