The DA7280 high-definition (HD) haptic driver combines custom drive sequences, on- and off-resonance, at up to 1kHz. The DA7280 can drive both ERM and LRA (narrow and wideband) actuators and track resonance up to 300Hz to drive the most complex click/vibration touch effects in a wide range of applications.

The DA7280 combines very low idle current consumption (360nA) with low-latency trigger inputs to minimize the delay after button presses when an application process is in deep sleep.


  • Constant resonance frequency tracking through continuous current drive monitoring
  • Ultra-low power consumption means longer battery life
  • Only 0.75ms latency when responding from ultra-low power state
  • Drives LRAs off-resonance for custom effects, or dual-resonant systems for two-dimensional vibration
  • Enables wide-band effects as well as supporting dual-resonant systems
  • Drives distinct haptic effects triggered by multiple inputs without the need to wake the apps processor
  • Detects issues with motor automatically
  • Frequency, time, amplitude triplets to program the waveform
  • Quick and easy software development using the SmartCanvas™ GUI


  • 360nA idle power mode with full I2C control and memory retention
  • Wideband LRA driver: 25Hz to 1kHz with resonant mode
  • Frequency tracking support up to 300Hz
  • Low-latency direct drive for haptics
  • On-the-fly diagnostics
  • Custom waveform sequences
  • Three methods of drive with Linux and C-like driver (HAL)
  • Packages:
    • WLCSP-12 (0.4mm pitch)
    • QFN-12 (0.65mm pitch)




  • Smartphone
  • Gaming
  • Wearables
  • Portable computing systems (POS, barcode scanners, etc.)
  • Computing – All-in-ones (display), notebook PCs
  • Any display driven consumer product
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Medical


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