The DA14585 Development Kit-Pro provides all of the flexibility needed to develop products with confidence, enabling the creation of more advanced connected applications with the smallest footprints and power budgets. At the core of this development kit is our SmartBond™ DA14585. It is the smallest, lowest power and most integrated Bluetooth® system-on-chip (SoC) solution currently available. This versatile SoC brings Bluetooth 5.0 functionality to our well-known DA1458x family. The DA14585 hardware development environment is available as a starter kit, containing a motherboard and daughterboard.

The motherboard gives access to all of the package’s GPIOs and the on-board SEGGER chip provides the complete debugging capability while dedicated on-board circuitry allows you, in combination with our complete software environment SmartSnippets™, to profile and fine tune the power consumption of your application to get the most out of the DA14585’s advantages.

Separate daughterboard kits can be ordered for the DA14585 Development Kit-Pro development kit, including the DA14585-00VVDB-P Bluetooth 5.0 daughterboard which features the DA14585 device in the WLCSP-34 package.



  • Remote controls
  • Proximity tags and trackers
  • Beacons
  • Connected medical devices
  • Smart home applications
  • Human interface devices
  • Virtual reality (VR) controllers
  • Connected sensors
  • Wireless charging

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SmartBond DA14585 Development Kit Pro