R-Car V3H delivers best-in-class TOPS/Watt for cutting-edge computer vision, supports the latest NCAP 2020 requirements, including driver monitoring systems, and provides a migration path toward NCAP 2025.

High-Performance Deep Learning
Building on the state-of-the-art recognition technology introduced with the R-Car V3H in February 2018, which includes integrated IP for convolutional neural networks (CNN), the updated R-Car V3H delivers 4 times the performance for CNN processing compared to the earlier version and is achieving up to overall 7.2 TOPS processing including all Computer Visions IPs– while maintaining low power consumption levels. 

Cutting-edge Functional Safety (FuSa) Support
The highly integrated SoC supporting up to ASIL C metrics safety goals on real-time domain is reducing the need for an external safety microcontroller to manage sensor fusion and final decision actions. The R-Car V3H features a suite of proven IPs that support the perception stack, sensor fusion with radar and/or LiDAR, ISP with up to 8 MPixel cameras support, allowing OEMs and Tier 1s to achieve quicker time to market with lower Bill of Materials costs.

R-Car Software Development Kit
The new R-Car SDK (Software Development Kit) is an easy-to-start and easy-to-use development framework for the R-Car V Series SOCs from the successful Renesas Autonomy Platform.


  • Low power consumption and highly-efficient image recognition engine delivers up to 7.2 TOPS, including 3.7 TOPS for CNN, with optimized performance-to-power balance
  • Quad Arm® Cortex®-A53 for application programming and dual Cortex-R7 lockstep cores to run AUTOSAR, supporting ASIL D development process for systematic capability for the full SOC
  • Features a full set of video processing and image recognition IP for advanced sensing and recognition, including CNN-IP, computer vision engine, image-distortion-correction IPs, stereovision, classifier and dense optical flow
  • Integrated ISP enables high level of integration for reduced cost. Supports 8 MPixel sensor and latest RGB-IR standard
  • Integrates a full set of automotive peripherals including CAN, Ethernet AVB, and FlexRay
  • Supporting metric targets for ASIL B (sensor layer, application processors) and ASIL C (realtime domain) safety goals
  • Fully hardware and software compatible with the currently mass-produced R-Car V3H SoC version
  • Open solution for front camera supported by Renesas and its ecosystem of partners




Design & Development

Software & Tools

Software & Tools

Software title
Software type
Automotive SoC Consulting Service
R-Car Online Consultation is a service where you can receive various consultations regarding R-Car V3H and R-Car V3M. We propose various solutions according to the customer’s situation, such as consultation for customers who are considering R-Car for the first time, learning of image recognition and deep learning using R-Car, and construction of evaluation environment. With this development consulting service for automotive SoC, we will shorten the introduction time of customers and solve problems at an early stage.
Software Package Hitachi Industry & Control Solutions, Ltd.
e² studio for R-Car
Integrated Software Development Environment. Innovative and Open Development Environment in order to ease SW Development for Computer Vision and Deep Learning Algorithms.
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
The INTEGRITY® RTOS is built around a partitioning architecture to provide embedded systems with total reliability, absolute security, and maximum real-time performance.
Software Package Green Hills Software LLC
QNX's ASIL Real Time Operating System
Blackberry provides ASIL compliant RTOS and BSP stack optimized for Renesas R-Car V3H & R-Car V3M.
Software Package BlackBerry Limited
R-Car Hardware using OpenCL and SYCL
Codeplay's Solution for Renesas R-Car developers. ComputeSuite for R-Car™ enables developers to accelerate applications on R-Car hardware using OpenCL and SYCL.
Software Package Codeplay Software
Driver Monitoring Solution on R-Car - Vision based ADAS algorithms development on R-Car V3 M/H
Driver Monitoring Solution on R-Car. In-cabin camera-based driver monitoring Works with RGB, RGB+IR and IR only sensors CNN and non-CNN based models available to optimize processor load. Suite of Vision based ADAS algorithms development on R-Car V3 M/H, comprising of vulnerable road-user detection, vehicle detection, traffic sign recognition, and traffic light recognition along with complete R&D services for developing ADAS solutions.
Software Package PathPartner Technology Pvt Ltd
RT-RK - Expertise on Renesas' Computer Vision and CNN
Consulting and services on computer vision and machine learning to optimize the performance of Tier 1 and OEM algorithm on Renesas products
Software Package RT-RK
SVNet, Deep Learning Embedded Software by STRADVISION
SVNet is a deep learning and camera-based embedded perception software for ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles use cases. There are millions of vehicles powered by SVNet from Level 2 ADAS to Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles in the production pipeline in Germany and China.
Software Package StradVision, Inc.
3D Surround View With and Without GPU
GPU version (R-Car H3 / M3) • 4x 2MP @ 30fps input • 4k @ 60fps output • Cogent color harmonization • Dynamic 3D bowl, dynamic blend zones • Transparent car (Historical view) • Detection features IMR version (R-Car V3H / V3M) • 4x 2MP 30fps input
Software Package Cogent Embedded Inc.
ISP Solutions for R-Car V3H & R-Car V3M
R-Car V3x ISP solutions, ISP Pipeline • Raw data correction • Lens correction • Noise reduction • Demosaic • Exposure control • White balance • Color correction • Color space conversion: RGB or YUV output PC Tuning Tools • Real-time Tuning • Off-line Tuning
Software Package Cogent Embedded Inc.
Atlas Camera Optimization Suite for R-Car by Algolux
The Atlas Camera Optimization Suite is the industry’s first set of machine learning tools and workflows that automatically optimizes camera architectures for optimal image quality or for computer vision. Through a secure cloud-enabled interface, Atlas significantly improves computer vision results in days vs. traditional approaches that deliver suboptimal results even after many months of manual ISP tuning.
Software Package Algolux
Autobrains AI Solution
Autobrains provides video perception SW. Revolutionary, self-learning AI leveraging R-Car V Series assets.
Software Package AutoBrains Technologies Ltd.
Safety Support Program Consultancy for R-Car Automotive Applications
AVL Software and Functions GmbH provides System FuSa Consultancy for Renesas R-Car SOCs
Software Package AVL Software and Functions GmbH
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  • Four 1.0GHz Arm® Cortex®-A53 MPCore™ cores
  • Dual lockstep 800MHz Arm® Cortex®-R7 core
  • Memory controller for LPDDR4-3200 with 32 bits × 1 channel
  • Image recognition engine (IMP-X5-V3H)
  • Dedicated hardware accelerator for CNN, dense optical flow, stereovision, and object classification
  • Dual image signal processor (ISP)
  • Video output (4 lanes × 1 channel LVDS, 1 channel digital)
  • Video input (4 lanes × 2 channels MIPI-CSI2, 2 channels digital)
  • Gigabit Ethernet and AVB Ethernet
  • PCI Express interface