R-Car S4 enables to launch Car Server/CoGW with high performance, high-speed networking, high security and high functional safety levels that are required as E/E architectures evolve into domains and zones. The R-Car S4 solution allows designers to re-use up to 88 percent of software code developed for 3rd generation R-Car SoCs and RH850 MCU applications. The software package supports the real-time cores with various drivers and basic software such as Linux BSP and hypervisors.


  • Eight 1.2 GHz Cortex A55 cores, one 1.0 GHz Cortex® R52 dual core (lock-step) and two 400 MHz RH850 G4MH dual cores (lock-step) deliver up to 27 kDMIPS application performance plus greater than 5.3 kDMIPS real-time performance
  • Abundant automotive interfaces including 16x CAN FD, 16x LIN, 8x SENT, 1x FlexRay, 2x 2-lane PCIe 4.0 allow a wide range of connectivity inside the vehicle
  • Integrated 3-port Ethernet TSN switch offers bandwidth of 3 x 2.5 Gbps to deliver fast and low-latency communication in the vehicle backbone and to the outside world
  • Incorporated 8MB SRAM to execute code on the RH850 G4MH core with low latency
  • Multiple hardware security modules (HSMs) and firewall IP provide enhanced security protection against cyber attacks
  • R-Car S4 is compliant to ISO-26262 and supports functional safety according to ASIL B and ASIL D




  • Vehicle computers
  • Communication gateways
  • Domain servers
  • Application servers


Design & Development

Software & Tools

Important Note
Please refer to R-Car S4 SDK download guide material (PDF) to download the right packages that fit your needs.

Software & Tools

Software title
Software type
Multi-Core Debug and Trace Tool
Multiple heterogeneous processor cores (Arm core/ RH850 core) integrated in R-Car S4 can be debugged and traced simultaneously. This allows for shorter time to identify the cause and analyze problems in systems where multiple cores work together to achieve a function.
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
Virtual Turnkey Platform
The virtual turnkey platform is a software development kit (R-Car SDK) with pretested software libraries and sample code on the virtual development environment R-Car Virtual Platform (VPF).
Solution Toolkit Renesas
RoX Virtual Platform
The RoX Virtual Platform accelerates in-vehicle software development for next-generation vehicles by allowing users to start development activities prior to hardware availability.
Simulator Renesas
e² studio for R-Car
Integrated Software Development Environment. Innovative and Open Development Environment in order to ease SW Development for Computer Vision and Deep Learning Algorithms.
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
AosEdge Platform - Distribution Management Platform for Connected Car
AosEdge is a V2C (Vehicle to Cloud) platform that can deliver and run software that provides a new UX (user experience) for connected cars.
Software Package EPAM Systems, Inc.
Renesas MCAL
Renesas' MCAL (Microcontroller Abstraction Layer) software drivers can be obtained as a stand-alone software package.
Software Package Renesas
Debug and Trace Tools for Multi-Devices
These tools facilitate the analysis and identification of the causes of problems that occur in the software that operates cooperatively on the CPUs of multiple devices.
IDE and Coding Tool Renesas
Co-Simulation Environment for Multi-Devices
This is a multi-device operation simulation environment that integrates a group of simulators such as the R-Car Virtual Platform that are provided for the individual devices to enable coordinated operation.
Simulator MathWorks, Australian Semiconductor Technology Company, Synopsys
High-Speed Simulator for Software Development
A high-speed simulation environment based on QEMU.
Simulator Renesas
Distributed Processing Software for Multi-Devices
This software maximizes the performance of hardware by distributing the functions of the application to multiple SoCs or CPUs and HWIPs inside the microcontroller.
Solution Toolkit Renesas
RoX Whitebox
The RoX Whitebox stack is an integrated development platform that accelerates the development of connected services applications. All software is provided as an all-in-one package under a Free of Charge (FoC) license.
Software Package Renesas
Model-Based Development Environment for RH850, R-Car Family [Embedded Target for Virtual Platform]
Embedded Target for RH850 Virtual Platform is a development environment that generates peripheral code for target devices from Simulink® models and enables cooperative verification as Virtual Hardware In the Loop Simulation (vHILS) in a virtual environment with Simulink.
Model-Based Development Renesas
RoX Software Development Kit
The RoX SDK is an easy-to-start & easy-to-use development framework for the R-Car SoCs.
Software Package Renesas
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Boards & Kits

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