The DA7212 is a high-performance, low-power audio codec with an enhanced hybrid Automatic Level Control (ALC) and a powerful speaker driver targeting wearable, portable and embedded applications. It operates from a single supply and has an internal LDO that can be used to optimize power consumption.

The DA7212 audio codec has exceptionally low always-on power consumption (650µW) which can extend the battery life of portable devices – including wearable devices - in an "always-on" mode enabling constant tracking and instant recognition of voice commands.

It integrates an enhanced hybrid ALC that offers faster reaction times and finer gain resolution to maintain a consistent audio quality level when recording.


  • High-performance 24-bit audio codec in 7.5mm2 footprint
  • Ultra-low power consumption. Stereo Playback: 6.9mW, Stereo Record: 2.0mW at 1.8V
  • Supports up to four analog microphones with two switchable low noise microphone bias outputs
  • Digital microphone interface supporting single-channel or dual-channel options
  • Stereo auxiliary input channel
  • Flexible analog and digital mixing paths
  • DSP for ALC, 5-band EQ, noise gate, beep generator
  • System controller for pop/click-free operation and easy setup
  • Bidirectional I2S with sample-rate tracking
  • Mono lineout/mini speaker driver: 1.2W at 5V, THD<10%, R = 8Ω
  • Integrated PLL supports common audio sample rates between 8kHz - 96kHz from 2MHz - 54MHz reference clock
  • Optimized ball-out conducive for low cost PCB manufacturing



  • Personal media players
  • Audio headphone/headsets
  • Embedded applications
  • Arduino compatible development systems
  • Wearables


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