The IDT P9036 is a highly-integrated single-chip WPC-compliant wireless power transmitter IC for power transmitter design A6.  The device operates with a 12V (±5%) adaptor, and supplies an integrated half-bridge inverter for DC/AC conversion.  It controls the transferred power by modulating the switching frequency of the half-bridge inverter from 115kHz to 205kHz at a fixed 50% duty cycle as specified by the WPC specification for an “A6” transmitter.  It contains logic circuits required to demodulate and decode WPC-compliant message packets sent by the mobile device to adjust the transferred power.


  • Single-Chip 5W Solution for Wireless Power Consortium (WPC)-Compliant Power Transmitter Design TX-A6
  • 12V±5% Operating Input Voltage
  • Integrated Half-Bridge Inverter
  • Closed-Loop Power Transfer Control between Base Station and Mobile Device
  • Demodulates and Decodes WPC-Compliant Message Packets
  • 5V Regulated DC/DC Converter
  • Integrated RESET Function
  • Proprietary Back-Channel Communication
  • I2C Interface
  • Open-Drain LED Indicator Outputs
  • Over-Temperature/Current Protection
  • Security and Encryption up to 64 bits
  • Foreign Object Detection (FOD)




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Wireless Charging - Wireless Power Transmitter Solutions by IDT


IDT offers the industry's most integrated and advanced wireless power transmitter solutions for magnetic inductance-based applications.  IDT has pioneered this market by introducing the world's first true single-chip wireless power transmitter IC and the industry's first multi-mode capable single-chip wireless power receiver IC.  This video introduces IDT's rich portfolio of inductive charging transmitter ICs and solutions.  These solutions address various transmit coil and input voltage configurations.  Presented by Jack Deans, Field Applications Manager, Integrated Device Technology, Inc.  Learn more about IDT's wireless power solutions at www.wirelesspowerbyidt.com



Hello, I'm Jack Deans, Field Applications Manager with Integrated Device Technology. This tech video covers IDT's current lineup of magnetic inductive style wireless power transmitters as of July 2013. IDT designs and builds the central power controller IC. We also design and build reference boards and evaluation kits that are certified to the current QI specification. Now, a wireless power transmitter generates an oscillating magnetic field. A wireless power receiver recovers this energy and creates a low voltage DC current for the desired load. In this video, we are only covering magnetic induction style wireless power transmit solutions. 
This three coil design is our most popular design. It provides the receiver a physically larger charging area. The 9036-A is fully WPC version 1.1 compliant, which means it satisfies the new foreign object detection demands called out in that specification. The P9036 is version 1.1 compliant, but is an ideal choice for proprietary type designs that are looking for a reduced bill of materials. The WPC specification calls out a five watt solution. If IDT's wireless power transmitter and receiver are used together, we can transmit power up to 7.5 watts, which is above and beyond the WPC specification. Also, WPC A6 design is intended for 12-volt input voltage operation. Our solution can accept a wider input voltage range of between nine volts and 16 volts. The P9036 and P9036-A are fully WPC FOD compliant, which require a receiver to be used on the transmit pad to communicate power received information back to the transmitter. On top of that, IDT's devices have an advanced foreign object detection mode, a proprietary algorithm that senses whether or not a metallic foreign object is placed on the charger, with or without a receiver being on the transmitter. Normal wireless power communication requires a data path between the receiver to the transmitter. This data path provides real time, load current information, as well as other command and control packets. When the IDT transmitter is paired with the IDT receiver, our solution can provide a data path between the transmitter and the receiver in the opposite direction as well as secure authentication. 
The P9035 design is intended for five-volt input type applications. We offer the P9035 in an A and non-A version similar to the P9036, where the P9035-A is fully WPC version 1.1 compliant, and the non-A version is ideal for reduced bill of materials type applications. We support the A5 A11 coils. These designs also will work up to 7.5 watts when used with an IDT receiver. The input voltage range is not as wide as the 9036, but it does offer the advanced foreign object detection proprietary mode and the advanced two-way communication and secure authentication features. 
Now the 9030 is an ultra-low bill of materials solution. It can also deliver seven and a half watts of power transfer and accept a wide input operating voltage range as well. 
On this slide, we show three of the available transmitter evaluation kits we have. The board on the right is the A6 design and in the center of the circuitry is the IDT wireless power transmitter, controller IC. Closer to the coils are the pushing FETs and our controller will control these FETs and select which coil will provide the maximum amount of efficiency and power coupling to the receiver. On the left are two other eval kits. The top one is our A5 design. You'll notice the coil can be removed and other suppliers' coils bolted on. And below that is the P9030 design.  The components within that white silk screen outline are the only components needed to implement a wireless power solution. This is a very low bill of materials wireless power transmit solution. 
Here's a table listing the transmit ports we've been discussing today. They're all available now. Our roadmap includes products that have higher integration, higher power transfer, and more safety and reliability features. 
IDT offers comprehensive design support. We have complete reference design, application notes, as well as services such as design reviews, Qi pre-certification testing, and even complete solution development. Please visit our website at idt.com, or go directly to our landing page at www.wirelesspowerbyidt.com, or call an IDT salesperson for an onsite demonstration. Thank you.