The always-cloud-connected video doorbell enables the user to instantaneously view live-stream video, take pictures and check the system status. The system integrated battery charger and low-power power management IC (PMIC) in combination with the DA16200 ultra-low power (ULP) Wi-Fi SoC's unmatched low-power consumption enables continuous connectivity from the battery only for extended periods of time in case the line voltage is disconnected. The Renesas ultra-low noise and high PSRR video sensor PMIC provides clean power to the image sensor to obtain the best image quality possible.

The DA16200 ULP Wi-Fi SoC’s Arm®-M4F MCU can take over various system house-keeping functions such as secure software updates over the air (SUotA), power and battery monitoring, etc.

System Benefits​:

  • Ultra-low system power consumption for extended battery life while maintaining the Wi-Fi connection
  • Flexible, yet highly integrated and optimized power supply scheme
  • Multiple certified ULP Wi-Fi modules are available to simplify and accelerate the design and shorten time to market (TTM)
  • Operates with and without a Wi-Fi connection
  • Best achievable picture quality due to low noise and high PSRR video sensor PMIC




  • Video doorbells
  • Compact live-stream camera