The always-cloud-connected video doorbell enables the user to instantaneously view live-stream video, take pictures and check the system status. The system integrated battery charger and low-power power management IC (PMIC) in combination with the DA16200 ultra-low power (ULP) Wi-Fi SoC's unmatched low-power consumption enables continuous connectivity from the battery only for extended periods of time in case the line voltage is disconnected. The Renesas ultra-low noise and high PSRR video sensor PMIC provides clean power to the image sensor to obtain the best image quality possible.

The DA16200 ULP Wi-Fi SoC’s Arm® Cortex®-M4F MCU can take over various system house-keeping functions such as secure software updates over the air (SUotA), power and battery monitoring, etc.

System Benefits​:

  • Ultra-low system power consumption for extended battery life while maintaining the Wi-Fi connection
  • Flexible, yet highly integrated and optimized power supply scheme
  • Multiple certified ULP Wi-Fi modules are available to simplify and accelerate the design and shorten time to market (TTM)
  • Operates with and without a Wi-Fi connection
  • Best achievable picture quality due to low noise and high PSRR video sensor PMIC




  • Video doorbells
  • Compact live-stream camera

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4:3 ratio Sheet.1 Sheet.2 Sheet.3 Sheet.4 US239 US239 US239 Video Processor Video Codec Video Processor Video Codec Video Processor Video Codec Microphone Sheet.22 Sheet.23 Speaker speaker_8_ Sheet.31 Sheet.32 Sheet.33 Sheet.34 Haptics Touch Sheet.36 Sheet.37 Sheet.38 Sheet.39 Antenna Sheet.41 Sheet.42 Sheet.43 Sheet.44 Sheet.45 Battery Li-ion.157 Sheet.47 Sheet.48 Sheet.49 Sheet.50 Sheet.51 Sheet.52 Sheet.53 Sheet.54 Diode - LED Sheet.56 Sheet.57 Sheet.58 Sheet.59 Sheet.60 Darlington.651 Sheet.62 Darlington.254 6 6 6 6 Sheet.66 2 Communication Lines B.795 2 2 2 Sheet.84 Sheet.87 Sheet.88 Sheet.90 Sheet.91 Sheet.92 Sheet.96 Sheet.101 Sheet.102 Sheet.103 Sheet.104 Sheet.105 Sheet.106 Sheet.107 Sheet.108 Sheet.110 Sheet.111 Sheet.112 Sheet.113 Sheet.114 Sheet.115 Sheet.116 Sheet.117 Sheet.118 Sheet.119 Sheet.120 Sheet.121 Sheet.122 Sheet.123 Sheet.124 Sheet.125 Sheet.126 Sheet.127 Sheet.128 Sheet.130 Sheet.131 Sheet.132 1.8V 1.8V 1.8V Connector 1.166 Sheet.136 Sheet.137 Sheet.138 Diode - LED.139 Sheet.140 Sheet.141 Sheet.142 Sheet.143 Sheet.144 Darlington.651 Sheet.146 Darlington.254 Diode - LED.148 Sheet.149 Sheet.150 Sheet.151 Sheet.152 Sheet.153 Darlington.651 Sheet.155 Darlington.254 Sheet.157 Sheet.158 Sheet.159 6 Communication Lines B.795 6 6 6 Ground Sheet.164 Sheet.165 Sheet.169 Sheet.170 Sheet.171 Sheet.172 Sheet.173 Sheet.174 Sheet.175 Sheet.176 Sheet.177 Sheet.178 Sheet.179 Sheet.180 Sheet.181 Sheet.182 Sheet.183 Sheet.184 Sheet.185 Sheet.186 Sheet.187 Sheet.188 Sheet.189 Sheet.190 Sheet.191 Sheet.192 Door Bell Door Bell Door Bell PRI Sensor PIR Sensor PIR Sensor LED LED LED Connector 1.166.196 Doorbell Power Doorbell Power Doorbell Power 5V 5V 5V Vsys Vsys Vsys LSW/LDO x2 LSW/LDO x2 LSW/LDO x2 1.8V, 150mA 1.8V, 150mA 1.8V, 150mA 0.9V, 300mA 0.9V, 300mA 0.9V, 300mA 4.5-18V 4.5-18V 4.5-18V 600mA 600mA 600mA 3V 3V 3V Sheet.207 Ultra-Low Power Wi-Fi SoC Ultra-Low Power Wi-Fi SoC Ultra-Low Power Wi-Fi SoC IEEE 802.11 b/g/n IEEE 802.11 b/g/n IEEE 802.11 b/g/n QSPI QSPI QSPI PMU PMU PMU ARM M4F ARM M4F ARM M4F GPIO’s GPIO’s GPIO’s I2C I2C I2C SPI/SDIO SPI/SDIO SPI/SDIO PIR Sensor Sheet.209 Sheet.210 Sheet.211 Sheet.212 Sheet.213 Sheet.214 Sheet.215 Sheet.216 Sheet.217 Sheet.218 Sheet.219 Sheet.220 Ultra-Low Power Charger and PMIC Ultra-Low Power Charger and PMIC Ultra-Low Power Charger and PMIC Ultra-Low Noise and High-PSRR PMIC Ultra-Low Noise and High-PSRR PMIC Ultra-Low Noise and High-PSRR PMIC <40V DC/DC Buck <40V DC/DC Buck <40V DC/DC Buck Ultra-Low IQ DC/DC Buck Ultra-Low IQ DC/DC Buck Ultra-Low IQ DC/DC Buck Sheet.206 Flash Memory Flash Memory Flash Memory QSPI QSPI QSPI LED Sheet.233 Sheet.234 Sheet.235 Sheet.236 Sheet.237 Sheet.238 Sheet.239 Sheet.240 Sheet.241 Sheet.242
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