The RZ/T1 Group of real-time Arm® Cortex®-R4 based microprocessors (MPUs) enables the control of a large matrix LED backlighting system for state-of-the-art TVs in combination with our high precision iW7039 32-channel LED backlight driver. The integrated driver feedback channel allows for the control of the LED supply voltage level to dynamically minimize the overall power consumption. The digital system and interface power is provided by a DA9061 processor power management IC (PMIC) and high-efficiency buck converter. The AT25QLxx family of QSPI flash memory is used for software and brightness mapping storage. Sensors such as the HS3004 (temperature) and OB1203 (RGB-light) help to optimize the system performance under varying conditions.

System Benefits​:

  • Flexible MPU-based, software-controlled, large matrix luminance and chrominance control
  • RZ/T1 MPU for minimizing propagation delay between LED adjustment and video content to minimize video buffer size
  • Dynamic LED supply voltage adjustment to minimize power loss
  • Highly integrated and efficient system PMIC
  • Single variable voltage rail from LLC to power LEDs and system power
  • Temperature and ambient light sensors to optimize system performance




  • Large screen mini-LED backlight TVs and monitors