Using the green energy of solar to charge a battery is a very popular application. Solar cells produce a challenge, however, due to the wide variability of the output voltage depending upon the amount of solar energy directed at the panel, temperature and the load on the panel. This solution helps overcome these challenges while protecting and maximizing battery life.

System Benefits:

  • MPPT Algorithm maximizes power usage from solar panel
  • Buck-boost architecture charges the battery even when the solar panel's voltage is below the battery voltage
  • Programmable charge rates to support various modes such as fast-charge and trickle-charge
  • Up to 60V input and adjustable output voltage of 0.8V to 60V
  • Monitors battery status and protects battery from damage caused by over-charging




  • Dock-side charger for boating
  • Battery maintenance/trickle charge
  • Charging at any remote location without AC power