This solution provides an integrated solution for a smart clotheshorse. Voice control, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE), as well as touch button control, provide a variety of smart control options. AC/DC circuitry, a buck regulator and LED driver power the MCU, LED and other peripheral modules. A humidity and temperature sensor, N-channel MOSFET and half-bridge drivers are also integrated into this solution.

System Benefits​:

  • Multiple intelligent control modes: Voice recognition, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE
  • 100MHz Arm® Cortex®-M33 with capacitive touch sensing unit (CTSU) and voice recognition firmware
  • High-performance power devices provide efficient power and LED control

Target Applications:

  • Smart homes
  • Smart appliances
Voice Controlled Clotheshorse with Connectivity
Legend for Renesas/Dialog System Diagrams


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