This design includes a light sensor, temperature/humidity sensor and total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) sensor. All the data including sensor data can be uploaded to the cloud.

The RX65N 32-bit microcontroller is the next-generation general-purpose MCU, with Human Machine Interface (HMI) and security features which are ideal for IoT Edge devices. The built-in dual-bank functionality and Trusted Secure IP features allow you to establish secure cloud communications and conduct firmware updates easily and securely.

System Benefits​:

  • Allows for safe and secure connection to the cloud.
  • Renesas' RX65N Cloud Kit simplifies secure IoT endpoint device connections to the IoT Cloud such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Core or Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, making it easier for embedded designers to get a fast start on their designs and connect to the cloud service.
  • Security dedicated Trusted Secure IP can establish the Root of Trust in IoT devices securely.
  • TSIP H/W accelerator is faster than software.
  • The light, temperature/humidity and TVOC sensors are integrated into the reference design.




  • Home appliances
  • Controller panels for home energy management systems (HEMS)
  • IoT related devices
  • Building automation
  • Indoor air quality sensor devices
  • Environmental management systems
  • Smart agriculture systems