DRP-AI TVM*1 is a tool that generates runtime executables for AI from trained AI models*2 for Renesas' RZ/V Series MPUs.

We provide a complete development environment on GitHub, and the tutorial on the top page of GitHub includes a series of steps from environment construction to inference execution on a Renesas evaluation board. You can easily evaluate your AI model by following the steps in this tutorial.

This tool consists of the DRP-AI Translator embedded in the framework of the open-source deep learning compiler Apache TVM*3. Apache TVM technology allows DRP-AI to operate on the layers of AI models that can be converted by the DRP-AI Translator, and the layers that cannot be converted can be assigned to the CPU. This makes it possible to support more AI models than ever before.


DRP-AI TVM has the features listed at the end.

  • Automatic generation of runtimes that enable DRP-AI and the CPU to work together
  • Support for multiple AI frameworks (ONNX and PyTorch will be supported in v1.0 in September 2022, and Tensorflow in v1.1 in March 2023)
  • Additional pre-processing/post-processing equivalent to DRP-AI Translator is possible (to be supported in v1.1 in March 2023)


The system configuration of DRP-AI TVM is shown in the figure below, where the DRP-AI Translator is integrated into the Apache TVM framework to achieve significantly higher performance across a wide range of AI models.


※1 DRP-AI TVM is powered by the Edgecortix MERATM Compiler Framework
※2 Tensorflow will be supported in v1.1 (to be released in April 2023)
※3 Please refer to https://tvm.apache.org for more information on Apache TVM




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DRP-AI Translator [V1.84]
This is an AI model conversion tool (DRP-AI Translator) for DRP-AI equipped products. Please check the Release Notes and User's Manual first before using this product.
Software Package Renesas
RZ/V2MA DRP-AI Support Package[V7.40]
This product provides the software and documentation for DRP-AI embedded within RZ/V2MA.
Software Package Renesas
We provide an AI model conversion tool (DRP-AI TVM) for DRP-AI-equipped products. When using this product, please check the contents of the linked README.md first.
Software Package Renesas
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RZ/V DRP-AI TVM Tutorial - How to Run ONNX Model

DRP-AI TVM is a tool that generates runtime executables for AI from trained AI models for Renesas' RZ/V Series MPUs.

DRP-AI TVM is powered by EdgeCortix MERA™ Compiler Framework.

Learn more:

00:00 Opening
00:09 Introduction
00:35 Tutorial Overview
01:09 1. Compile
02:00 2. Make Application
02:51 3. Deploy
03:16 4. Run
03:57 Ending