Reality AI 4.0 to include AI tools for optimizing BoM and managing data collection, plus new AutoML and TinyML / Edge AI functionality

April 7, 2020

COLUMBIA, MARYLAND ― Reality AI today announced the latest version of its groundbreaking software for research and development engineers building products with sensors. Reality AI Tools® version 4.0 will allow customers to use artificial intelligence to reduce the cost of developing, procuring and manufacturing smart devices.

Reality AI Tools® 4.0 includes new modules for optimizing the bill of materials (BoM) through AI-driven selection of sensor channels and component specifications, as well as for reducing the cost of data collection. It also contains significant enhancements to its market-leading machine learning software for automatic feature analysis and model generation, for explainability, and for automated export of models to tiny processing platforms such as Cortex M-class microcontrollers (MCUs).

Reality AI Tools® is a software environment that allows working engineers to use artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced signal processing mathematics to understand complex sensor data, detect subtle conditions, predict equipment failures, and perceive what is happening in the environment surrounding smart devices. Most users, which include more than a dozen Global Fortune 1000 companies in the automotive, industrial and consumer products sector, use Reality AI Tools® to create TinyML models on edge devices. In other words, they develop solutions that run on inexpensive, commodity MCUs – highly constrained processors that have very limited memory and compute, but which are inexpensive, low-power, and easy to integrate.

One customer working with Reality AI is Daikin, a leading global air conditioning and refrigeration company. Said Shuji Itatani, Director of the Daikin Technology and Innovation Center in Osaka, “Reality AI software is very powerful. Using Reality AI we can quickly evaluate sensor options and develop prediction models for diverse equipment.”

Kilian von-Neuman Cosel, Director of Brose Automotive Silicon Valley, said “We have been extremely impressed with Reality AI’s ability to work with a wide variety of sensors and signal inputs. It is an extremely powerful development environment for advanced sensing.”

Reality AI Tools® 4.0 is available now to customers for evaluation and testing. More information on Reality AI Tools 4.0 is available in our latest blog post.

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