Human Resources Data and Third-Party Verification

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Number of EmployeesUnit20192020202120222023
Number of Employees - GlobalTotalHeadcount 18,75320,85621,01721,204
FemaleHeadcount 4,8715,2715,3245,302
Ratio of female employees% 26.0%25.3%25.3%25.0%
Number of Employees - JapanTotalHeadcount9,9609,7769,4409,2199,265
Ratio of female employees%14.8%14.9%15.0%15.1%15.1%
Diversity, Equity & InclusionUnit20192020202120222023
Employees by age - Global30 and younger% 12%13%14%14%
30~50% 52%51%49%47%
Over 50% 36%36%37%39%
Employees by age - Japan30 and younger% 5%5%6%7%
30~50% 48%44%40%35%
Over 50% 47%50%54%58%
Rate of employees in important positions outside of Japan*1Subsidiaries outside JapanCompanies2626264746
Managed by local staffCompanies1415183536
Rate of female members in leadership team - GlobalLeadership team
(Board of Directors, Executive members and auditors)
Rate of female members%10.0%5.6%10.0%20.0%21.1%
Rate of female employees in managerial positions - GlobalTotalHeadcount 3,3363,4513,8144,026
Rate of female managers% 6.9%7.6%8.4%8.6%
Number of employees in managerial positions equivalent to senior managers - GlobalTotalHeadcount 2,5352,6182,8282,966
Rate of female senior managers% 7.4%7.8%8.6%8.9%
Rate of employees with disabilities - Global%0.90%1.00%1.00%*20.91%*21.30%
Rate of employees with disabilities - Japan*3%2.20%2.30%2.28%*22.34%*22.24%
Recruitment and RetentionUnit20192020202120222023
Number of new graduates hired - GlobalTotalHeadcount261345365446338
Rate of female employees% 9.6%15.6%15.2%16.9%
Number of new graduates hired - JapanTotalHeadcount12085109120163
Rate of female employees%15.0%9.4%13.8%11.7%14.7%
Number of mid-career recruitments - GlobalTotalHeadcount1303607681,3061,118
Rate of female employees% 23.3%24.2%25.7%24.2%
Number of mid-career recruitment - JapanTotalHeadcount204191128174
Rate of female employees% 17.1%18.7%21.1%15.5%
Average years of service - GlobalTotalYears 19.717.517.217.2
FemaleYears 17.916.616.316.3
MaleYears 20.317.917.617.5
Average years of service - JapanTotalYears24.425.525.625.925.8
Employee turnover rate - GlobalTotal turnover rate%15.1%6.2%10.0%11.4%7.6%
Personal reasons (office staff)%6.4%4.7%5.2%7.0%4.5%
Personal reasons (factory staff)%9.2%5.0%9.5%11.7%6.4%
Employee turnover rate - JapanTotal turnover rate%12.9%2.7%5.9%5.6%3.7%
Personal reasons (office staff)%3.0%2.8%2.1%2.4%3.0%
Personal reasons (factory staff)%3.4%1.1%1.5%1.6%1.5%
Average annual salary of employees - JapanAverage salaryM yen7.77.98.8*28.7*28.9
Average annual salary of managers - Japan*4 *6MaleM yen10.210.411.6*211.8*211.9
FemaleM yen9.810.011.2*211.7*211.9
Average for female to male scale factorScale factor0.960.960.96*20.995*20.998
Talent DevelopmentUnit20192020202120222023
Training hours per employee - GlobalTotalHours7.79.712.815.120.8
ManagementHours 8.510.811.613.6
Non-managementHours 10.013.315.922.4
Benefits & ProgramsUnit20192020202120222023
Average rate of annual paid leave acquiredJapan%67.5%49.9%55.3%*263.8%*272.1%
Average number of days of annual paid leave acquiredJapanDays16.812.413.7*215.6*217.6
Number of employees using childcare leaveJapanHeadcount615348*254*255
Number of employees using spousal maternity leaveJapanHeadcount342919*218*224
Number of employees using short working hours for childcareJapanHeadcount148141111*289*274
Number of employees using family care leaveJapanHeadcount1195*24*24
Number of employees with side businessesJapanHeadcount  46*264*286
Number of employees who select three to four unpaid day-off per weekJapanHeadcount  12*216*217
Temporary employee rate - JapanTotal*5Headcount9028681,228*21,361*21,161
Occupational Health and SafetyUnit20192020202120222023
Rate of occurrence of occupational accidents with days away from work - Global 
Occurrence rate = number of incidents/number of employees
(Excluding temporary/contract employees)
Ref. Rate of occupational injury frequency - Japan
Occupational injury frequency rate = Number of casualties due to occupational accidents (including number of casualties due to occupational accidents without lost workdays)/Total working hours x 1 million
(Excluding temporary/contract employees)
-   0.610.33
Number of occupational accidents with days away from work [regional] 
( ) = cases of temporary/contract employees
Other AsiaCases239(1)34(1)
Number of occupational accidents with days away from work [by cause] 
( ) = cases of temporary/contract employees
Improper movementCases22131(1)
Caught in between equipmentCases20000
Hit by or on somethingCases126(1)21
During commutingCases53433
Respect for Human Rights and Labor PracticesUnit20192020202120222023
Rate of manager training on bullying or harassment - Global%-87.2%97.7%90.1%89.5%
Rate of labor union members - Global%63%62%54%53%52%
Source of misconduct cases - GlobalBy HotlineCases 1002
By any other callingCases 104284
By person concerned or supervisorCases 1030786
By company surveyCases 1004
TotalCases 22721596
Detail of misconduct cases - Global
( ) = case of harassement
Violation of the lawCases 2004
Violation of the company ruleCases 207215(1)92(6)
TotalCases 227215(1)96(6)
Actions for misconduct cases - GlobalNo action taken
(includes cases where the employee resigned before the disposition was implemented)
Cases 0002
AlertCases 14471212
Disciplinary actionCases 825382
TotalCases 22721596

Unless otherwise specified, figures for the full year are shown for each subject fiscal year, and figures for the end of each subject fiscal year are shown for figures as of a certain point in time.
For Japan, employees of Renesas and domestic affiliates are included in the data.
FY2021 data includes employees of Dialog and excludes employees of Celeno.

*1 From FY2022, the number of overseas affiliates includes Dialog affiliates, and the definition of counting local numbers has changed.
*2 Items that do not include employees of Dialog.
*3 Figures as of June 1 of the subject fiscal year.
*4 Wages under Article 11 of the Labor Standards Law are included, and retirement and commuting allowances are excluded based on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's guide.
*5 Figures as of the date following the end of the fiscal year in question.
*6 Excludes employees transferred outside the group and employees transferred
within the group who were posted overseas.


Third-Party Verification

Renesas Group receives third-party verification by SGS Japan Inc. in order to ensure the reliability of Human Resources data.

picture_as_pdf SGS Verification Opinion

The scope of verification in 2022 (11 items):  
Rate of employees in important positions outside of Japan / Rate of female employees in managerial positions / Rate of female employees in managerial positions equivalent to senior manager positions / Employee turnover rate / Rate of occurrence of occupational accidents with days away from work / Rate of employees with disabilities / Number of employees using childcare leave / Number of employees using spousal maternity leave / Number of employees using short working hours for childcare / Number of employees using nursing care leave / Average annual salary at management level and rate of female to male

Contributing to SDGs

Renesas’ efforts in Human Resources contributes to these Sustainable Development Goals targets:

8-Decent Work and Economic Growth

SDG 8.5 By 2030, achieve full and productive employment and decent work for all women and men, including for young people and persons with disabilities, and equal pay for work of equal value