CPU Card With R-IN32M3 Module

Solution Kit for R-IN32M3 Module



This solution kit mounts an R-IN32M3 module on a CPU card capable of motor control with the RX MCU. You can evaluate motor control using PROFINET® and EtherNet/IP™ industrial network communications by connecting to the inverter board that is included in the separately sold 24V Motor Control Evaluation System for RX23T. This board can also be operated as a standalone with an inverter board. It is useful for evaluating PROFINET® and EtherNet/IP™industrial network communications and can reduce application development time.

Key Features

  • CPU card mounted with R-IN32M3 module
  • RX66T host CPU
  • Can connect to 24V Motor Control Evaluation System for RX23T inverter board*
  • Includes a motor control sample program for RX66T (sensorless vector control); control the operation of a motor via PROFINET® or EtherNet/IP™
  • Built-in LED for indicating protocol status
  • Simple master function, firmware updating, module configuration, and error logging
  • CPU card capable of Ethernet communication; can be charged via mini-USB

*Some functions cannot be used.

Kit Contents

  • RX66T CPU card with R-IN32M3 module
    • Manufactured by Shimafuji Electric: SEMB1320

Sample Software

  • R-IN32M3 Module (RY9012A0) Sample Package for RX66T

Resources Necessary For Using This Kit

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